BravoTV’s self proclaimed “Black Brady Bunch” is back with a third season of their hit show Thicker Than Water and it is said to be one of the most transparent seasons ever!

Last night, the entire cast of Thicker Than Water, which includes Ben, Jewel, Queen Brooklyn, Diamond, Britney, Cyrene, Benji, his wife Shanira, and Marcus, along with his wife, Tish. Micah and Billie, better known as “Baby Tanks”, hosted the premiere viewing of the new season.

In the first episode, you see Ben and his oldest son, Marcus patching up some unspoken issues that they had been holding in for years. Britney, who has lost 54 lbs. since the first season and Queen Brooklyn who is seriously pursuing her singing career along with her daughter, Diamond, has moved out of the Tankard Palace and trying to stand on their own.

Jewel and Ben Tankard

Jewel and Ben Tankard

Jewel is learning how to deal with her daughter, Cyrene growing up and being away at college.

What keeps the Tankards so humble with their growing success?

Staying grounded, close to family, God and “knowing who you are” was the common denominator in the responses from the entire cast.


Shanira, Benji with daughter and Britney Tankard

“Give credit to who[m] credit belongs to [God] and realize the reason for your blessings. It helps you to stay real, real humble,” said Queen Brooklyn

One thing is for sure, this season will be jam packed with excitement, laughs, tears, and drama! You don’t want to miss out.

Thicker Than Water season three airs each Sunday 10/9c on Bravo TV.

Tish and Marcus Tankard with son

Tish and Marcus Tankard with son