Our favorite shoe designer is a creative genius!

The bubbly, bright, and fierce leading lady that is Jessica Rich shines her light with her dynamic shoe collection, all designed by her. Jessica showcases her creative talent and share on how she’s walking out her purpose in our exclusive interview below.

How have shoes become a part of your journey and success?

I took over the transparent Yeezy trend and introduced a full collection of only PVC shoe styles that had never been done before or seen on the market. I was the first designer to introduce the fully enclosed PVC pump.

Fashion seems to truly come alive in fall. What items do you use to highlight in your wardrobe?

My biggest highlight is my shoes, because I design them, so it’s become a very big part of my everyday outfit. Comfort is key – lately, I like to be comfortable. I am normally in sweatpants with a nice pump and a simple top. I also love jumpsuits. Easy one-two-three, out the door.


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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Jessica Rich | photos by Sham Abdo/ShotbySham