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She has been in love with physical fitness since the age of 8. She proudly represents her Latin heritage. She loves to inspire and motivate others to be the best version of themselves. She is a founder of Triple Threat Bootcamp in Brooklyn, New York. She was named “Best Fitness Instructor” in NYC in 2017. Who is she? She is…… Samantha Ortiz.

I started out by asking Ms. Ortiz about her childhood and growing up in Brooklyn, New York. She tells me about growing up in the neighborhood of Crown Heights which is where her love of sports and fitness began. She says she started playing softball at the age of eight and even went on to play softball and volleyball at Felecian University. This, she says, is what continued to cultivate her desire to stay active.

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Fast forward to year 2015 and Triple Threat Bootcamp was born.

“Triple Threat Bootcamp was inspired through being active throughout my life and wanting to have a one stop shop for fitness and health for my community,” Ortiz says when asked what inspired the business that she is so passionate about. She says that there did not appear to be many options in the area where she grown up so she decided to open Triple Threat just five minutes from her childhood stomping grounds. “It was more about giving my community the options that I didn’t have available to me growing up”, she says.

Since she found her love for fitness as such a young age, I wanted to know if Ortiz had any plans to develop a program for younger kids.

“Right now we work with teens through adult ages but we definitely want to open it up to a younger crowd”, Ortiz says. She goes on to talk about wanting to do boot camps for younger kids once in the future.

“What do you want your clients to take away from a session when they come in, besides the workout”, I asked.

“We want them to feel rejuvenated and inspired when they leave Triple Threat Bootcamp. I want them to feel like they are family because they are not just clients. They are people that we actually care for and we want to know more about them. We want to know them by name.”, Ortiz says. She says the people that enter their studio are not just a number. She says they do a personal consultation with each person that comes in and it is based on their body and their goals and in keeping with the family environment, they hold family accountable.

On the topic of staying motivated when working on a fitness goal, Ortiz advises that you know your “why”. She says knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing makes a big difference and then celebrating the little achievements along the way.

“So what does the name Triple Threat represent for you?,” I asked.

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She says that the business is co-owned by herself, her mother and her sister and they represent three strong Latina women who are working together as a family business on a mission to encourage health and fitness. She goes on to explain the heartfelt meaning behind her logo. There is a boot in the middle of the logo which is representative of her father who worked in the construction field before he passed away. He was a huge supporter of their vision and had even started working on a fitness studio in the garage of their home. “The boot represents him stomping around and we wanted to incorporate him as much as possible,” Ortiz says.

Before wrapping up, Ortiz did drop a little beauty nugget for us. She swears by the skincare line called, “Youth” by Shaklee. She is loyal to the brand which is known for their phenomenal beauty and health products.

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