Breast cancer survivor, Sarai is using her voice to motivate and affirm others.

In the spring of 2018, professional fitness trainer Sarai went in for a regular mammogram and found out what every person dreads to here, “It’s cancer.” Devastated from the diagnosis, but elated to know the findings were in the first stages, she decided to opt for a mastectomy or the removal of part of her breast, to stop the spreading cancer. Sarai shares her story with SHEEN Magazine in an intimate interview.

How has fitness helped in your healing?

Because my diagnosis was so early on, I had the opportunity to focus on getting into the best shape I could. I credit through the very last workout because I knew what was coming, but I made a choice to be in shape and it truly paid off. After my surgery, my surgery, my healing time was very fast, and I noticed how well my body recovered.


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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Sarai | photo by Debbie