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Remember Sulfur 8? You may have seen your grandmother, mom or aunties use it as a home remedy to treat dry and flaky scalps, but the powerful mineral also works wonders for the skin. Vonetta Williams Esthetician and owner of Vonetta Cosmetics took an old-school favorite and added her own twist to create The TRUTH BAR.

Leveraging the power of sulfur with other natural ingredients, Williams created a soap to treat an array of skin types and conditions.

“The truth bar has a glycerine base which provides moisture while cleansing.  It also contains sulfur and essential oils for exfoliation.  It is unique in that it does an amazing job of exfoliating, oil control and killing bacteria per skin type. Example, a person with oily/acne prone skin needs more exfoliation, oil control and bacteria control than someone with normal skin that is non problematic.  The bar is used by both persons equally well,” she said.

If your skin is dry, oily or acne prone, the Truth Bar is your one-stop shop. Sheen chatted with beauty enthusiast and got all the deets on how you can keep your skin looking healthy this fall.

Sheen Magazine: How can women implement TRB into their daily skin routine?

Williams: “After using the bar and seeing the kind of polish and clean that it provides, clients are generally then able to figure out the best frequency of use for their skin.  Many oily and acne prone clients use the bar every day both day and night, clients with normal skin will often incorporate it at night 3-5 times/week.  Your success with the bar is determined by the frequency that works best for you.”

Sheen Magazine: How exactly does your product treat the following: acne, dry skin, and Eczema?

Williams: “For acneic skin, it helps to kill bacteria and dry out pimples.  Dry skin users use the TRUTH BAR periodically to help lift dead skin which in turn helps moisturizers to penetrate better.  Eczema is controlled with the safe nondrying exfoliation that the bar provides the skin.”

Sheen Magazine:Is there a certain skin type that could benefit the most from the bar?

Williams: “When I initially created the bar I would give it to my clients that had issues with acne, dry/flaky skin and rough texture.  As of late, many of my clients that love the bar are not suffering from any skin issues, they just love the clean and polish that it provides.  I have many reviews from clients that suffer from flakey eyebrows and hairlines that have a new lease on life with the TRUTH BAR as it has resolved that issue.  I also have quite a few reviews from clients that have seen pimples dry up in as little as one day after use.”

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