Think small: No bags bigger than 12×12”

Comfortable shoes: No new shoes! You’ll be standing for long periods of time so a broken-in pair of sneakers or Birkenstocks would be your best bet.

174099035 $50.00

A poncho: Sometimes it rains and ponchos are small and cheap. Pack one.

Hand sanitizer: Festivals are outside and everything is full of germs. Minimize your germ intake when you grab some food.

Charging Phone Case: Everything is done via cell phone at the festival; taking pictures, finding friends, and recording fun moments. Remember, it’s ok to PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN and bask in the ambiance of your surroundings.

Water: You can bring in factory sealed water bottles that are up to one liter in size. Free filtered water is also available onsite.

A light jacket: It tends to get a little breezy after the sun goes down.

174687158 $32.99

Make a Plan: Most festivals have an app where you can plan out who you want to see perform and what time they will be performing, along with more festival insights.  Don’t get too set in stone with the plan. It’s ok if things change; just go with the flow.

Take a break: The sun can be a beast, take a second and chill. Find a shady area, drink some water, have some food, then go back out and have fun.

Sunscreen: Standing out in the sun all day leaves you exposed to sunrays, so slather up with some sunscreen.

Cash: It’s easier to use in festival environments.

Every festival has a FAQ on their site, be sure to check it out prior to going for do’s and don’ts specific to each festival.

Have fun!

Featured Image: Shutterstock