We’re almost halfway through the year, and one of the toughest things for entrepreneurs is getting over those big & small fears! A little revamping this summer can take your business a long way. Challenge yourself by adding these to your business bucket list this summer:

  • Set Summer Goals. Goal-setting is essential to the progression and success of your business. Set some attainable, short-term goals for the summer that will push your brand to grow. For instance, set a goal to increase engagement on your Instagram or site!
  • Clean Up Your Website & Social Media to better serve your customers! Ask yourself these questions: Does my page/site clearly reflect the purpose of my brand? How does my page/site turn a visitor into a customer? Is the content on my social media quality, consistent,& authentic? Is my website user-friendly? Have an honest friend give you a hand, by analyzing your website and social media with a critical eye!
  • Attend a Class. No matter what stage you are in your entrepreneurial career, you can never learn too much. With pop culture, technology, fashion, etc. constantly shifting, you don’t want to fall behind on the trends in your industry! Whether it be a seminar or webinar, attend a class that speaks to an area in your business or leadership that needs growth. Eventbrite is a great platform to find local events in your city!
  • Host a Social Media Giveaway Contest. Not only does this place your product or service in the hands of a customer, but it’s also a great way to create buzz for your business! Be sure to have clear guidelines, consistent promotion, and a rewarding prize that doesn’t cost you too much.
  • Go Live. You may be hesitant to going live, but don’t fret, it’s not as scary as it seems! Going live is a great way to interact with your audience. It allows you to see real-time engagement, and it also drives more traffic to your page!
  • Hold a Flash Sale. Everyone loves a reason to celebrate, and who doesn’t love a good sale? Pick a random or national holiday, like National Best Friend’s Day on June 8th, and have to treat your customers to a nice discount or offer.
  • Get Out & Volunteer. Set a day to serve your community! And get your customers involved by having them participate with you!


Featured Image: Shutterstock