If you never considered tattoo as true artistry then we’re about to completely change your mind. She’s as beautiful as each piece of work she applies on each of her clients, Miryam Lumpini is a woman who took matters into her own hands in order to make her dreams come true. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with the The Witch Doctor herself, Miryam Lumpini.

Can you tell us about yourself and how did you grow interested in tattoos?

My name is Miryam Lumpini and I am from Stockholm Sweden. I grew up outside Gothenburg and started tattooing by the age of 17 as I was looking forward to jumping into the real world and was bored with school! At the time, I was studying photography, graphic design, and media communication which really helped me when I started working on my own independent brand. At only 15 years old, I started blogging and having a social media internet persona. The studio in my small little town Uddevalla where I went to school, I wanted to come and tattoo apprentice but they told me that I would have to be in at least 18 in order to get an apprenticeship. After hearing that I decided to take matters into my own hands so I went online and bought an online starter kit and started tattooing my boyfriend at the time and my friends at home. Everything I did looked horrible at that time but I did not give up because I felt very passionate about spreading my art, developing my technique, my style and actually making my own money! 

Your fans know you as the Witch Doctor, where does that come from?

The main energy and purpose of my nickname The Witchdoctor is to define me as a healer with Art where I take care of my client, collaborate with them and pick their brains on what they truly want to express with their tattoo in order to create something magical that is personal and unique to them! And help to bring you the certain energy that you need and want to carry with you in life! I do a lot of cover-ups of scar tissue old ugly tattoos I do a lot of makeovers to make people feel better about their body mentally and physically!

Image by Ryan Stokes

Congratulations on your new role as a Global Creative Director. Could you describe your journey to get to where you are today?

There is definitely artistry in order to do good business and to be a successful artist financially! I knew early in my life when I was still going to school that I wanted to be some type of big artist, I was studying media production graphic design and photography and media communication so I learned how to express myself through photography and social media from the age of 15, that’s when I started blogging and then I started tattooing at the age of 17 so I started combining my social media presence with my artistry! I remember myspace and HTML codings! My new skills made it possible for me to take on the job to design the festival poster for Emma Boda festivalen, a Swedish festival in the woods! since my myspace era, I used to listen to a lot of rock and emo music! I use to love the band from first to last so when I heard that the lead singer Sonny Moore- Skrillex had started DJing I told the festival to book him and he ended up playing the festival! that was the summer he really blew up! So I got introduced to Skrillex and he told me that he was starting a record label called Owsla and that he wanted to get the logo tattooed! So I ended up tattooing him when I was 20 and he invited me to LA where I met a lot of amazing people. I even found a puppy! So the universal signs of moving to LA were very strong! When I moved to America and finally was able to start my own tattoo business I spent a lot of time just investing in my infrastructure in order to be able to do business on a bigger level as an independent woman and brand. I’m happy that my sweet Agent brought me this partnership with BIC to be their Creative Director for their newest product, a temporary tattoo marker called Bodymark by BIC. it was right up my alley and made total sense! Bodymark was made specifically for skin allowing for creative expression that’s vibrant and colorful just like me and my art. I can help to be the voice of the tattoo industry in this role as well! This product is as much for the average person as for the professional artist to use on a daily basis. I now am able to use it on a daily basis when I’m tattooing and I use their pencils, lighters, razors and all those things on a daily basis so me collaborating with BIC is a beautiful relationship. those are the type of partnerships that I want to associate my brand with so that nothing I do will take away from my authentic voice as an artist. I always keep my heart in my art but also within my business. I find two paths beautifully parallel to each other.

You have a long list of celebrity clients and meet people from all over the world but is there one that has left a mark on you?

I love all my clients! They save my life on a daily basis. They always pull up with such great energy and we always create the most amazing art together! Somebody that I feel very connected to is Jhené Aiko because she has been coming to me frequently for over a year now! We’re working on an interesting piece that we haven’t really fully revealed since it’s not done yet! We are covering up and creating a new very sacred piece. you know we’re both busy women and we both go through a lot so whenever we meet we always have so much to catch up on!! She is one of the strongest women I know and I’m grateful for our special friendship that has evolved through my art and tattooing. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself as THE artist! like everything I touch becomes legendary because my purpose will shine through it all in the most beautiful ways!

Image by Miryam Lumpini

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