Ok ladies! Not all baggage is bad baggage! To stay ahead of the game, sporting the latest and trendiest bags is a MUST! To guide you in your everyday quest to slay, we’ve rounded up six of the hottest designer handbags to keep you trending this spring!

1.     Celine

The Phantom

“Celine’s iconic phantom bag is giving a little jade blue this spring! It pairs perfectly with almost any spring palette and makes a subtle (yet noticeable) statement against all white!”



2.     Givenchy

Mini Bow-Cut Chain Bag

“Of course it no secret that Givenchy has become one of THE most coveted designers here lately, making it a fashion necessity. This stunning green jaguar printed leather bag is perfect with your little black “date-night” dress or jeans and casual top for a night out with the girls!”


3.     Fendi

Mini Peekaboo Bag

“There are so many palettes to pair with this bag! If color blocking is your thing, then this mini peekaboo is for you! Its bold yellow color is the Mayweather of bags; small but packing a big punch! It’s contrasting handle and stitching complement its robust color so beautifully!”



4.     Valentino

Hawaiian Couture Cross-body Bag

“Nothing is more warming and serene than a taste of Hawaii! This couture cross-body is hot not only because of its Hawaiian nature, but because it adds fun to your wardrobe! When the girls just wanna have fun, sport this bag and paint the town!”


5.     Miu Miu

Printed Twill Tote

“Where do you carry a bag like this? …To the beach…. the store….to class….to the mall…. catch my drift? You can take it just about anywhere! This oversized tote has more room than the trunk of your mid-sized sedan (not really), but you get the point. It’s a show stopper! Not to mention how practical it is for an “on the go” fashionista with a LOT of stuff. You’re sure to grab attention with this one!”



6.     Marc Jacobs

Snake Embellished Wingman

“Pulling off snake-skin accessories is one of the HARDEST skills to master. Otherwise, you end up looking like a country bumpkin or an old lady stuck in “way back when”. Our good friend Marc Jacobs has given us a helping curve in snake-skin styling. The deep red, almost burgundy, color of this wingman tote is quite mature (almost Brahmin-like). However, bangles and embellishments maintain appeal for the young and contemporary. If your style says “fun but mature”, then this is the one for you!”