This year’s New York Comic Con featured a wonderful teaming up of DC Comics and NYX Cosmetics—an inevitable partnership for sure, when you consider the marvelous quality of NYX, and the vast array of makeup potential alongside DC Comic superheroes. The late-night panel –“Faces of DC Presented by NYX Professional Makeup” – was hosted by Whitney Moore of the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel, and featured a tutorial from the sensational and talented makeup artist (emphasis on artist) Jordan Hanz.


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Wonder Woman

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The Joker

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Considering that Halloween is soon to be upon us, Hanz’s superhero/villain tutorial was as practical as it was educational. SHEEN Magazine was fortunate to have been there to learn firsthand!

The model Victoria Lyn came out on stage, dressed as Mera from Aquaman. While Whitney and Jordan discussed the ins and outs of what it takes to be a professional makeup artist, Jordan began the makeup tutorial, helping Victoria achieve the perfect Mera look.

She started with an aqua-tinted base, and then used a jumbo milk pen, along with fishnet, stretched tightly over the top of the base, to apply what turned into a fish scale look. She then added dark pink blush to the model’s eyes, blending the blush with the fish scale, and afterward brushed on glitter glue. She used lip gloss not only on the model’s lips but her eyes as well, finishing things up. Jordan told the crowd that they shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. Just because lip-gloss isn’t traditionally used for eyes, doesn’t mean it can’t work.

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Jordan further explained, “Sometime I’ll spend eight hours on a look and hate it and start all over again. But the person watching the video doesn’t know this. They only see the finished product. Anyone starting out in makeup, please know that it’s okay to fail.” Encouraging wisdom for sure. She concluded, “NYX really wants to bridge this perceived gap, helping makeup artistry to become more accessible to everyone who wants to try.”

By the end of the demonstration, which lasted a little under a half hour, there was Victoria, looking just like the DC Comic heroine. But even if you weren’t able to make it to Comic Con this year, have no fear. NYX will be posting how-to videos on their Instagram, giving you the know how to slay it (no pun intended) this Halloween. Catwoman and Wonder Woman have already been posted, but if you want the makeup tips for say Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, or Mera, make sure to stay tuned. And if you haven’t seen any of Jordan’s videos, check them out. They are absolutely stunning!

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