(New York, NY), Three-time Grammy Nominated and 2019 NAACP Outstanding Male Artist nominee, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and last but not least, philanthropic-pioneer, RAHEEM DEVAUGHN releases his seventh studio album, “The Love Reunion”. The anticipated album released on June 28th, 2019, via the SRG/DMG label imprint.

“The Love Reunion” is led by the already Top 15 Billboard Chart hit single, “Just Right” (Testify), written by Raheem DeVaughn and produced by Tim Kelley (one half of the multi-award winning producers, Tim & Bob). “Just Right is an infectious anthem composed to celebrate not only women of black and brown color but all women globally,” mentions Raheem. On Saturday, July 6th, Raheem took over Center Stage at the 25th ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans.

“Although this is album number seven that we’re calling The Love Reunion,” says RAHEEM of his surprise second release in eight months, “it’s a part-two to Decade of a Love King, which just came out in October. I never stop making music; I’m still working on finding new ways to use my instrument, so the best way to do that is to stay in the studio…that’s my refuge, my therapy and my sanity. So this Decade of a Love King trilogy has a lot of different tones and variations in it. When people go through albums six, seven, eight, and maybe nine and ten, they’re going to be like `Wow, he gave us some real hardcore, new millennial R&B!’”

After professing that he had enough music in the can for the “next ten to fifteen years” upon the release of his fall 2018-released “Decade of a Love King” set, longtime followers had no idea what they were in store for. 

While hot on the heels of the Top 5 Billboard Adult R&B success of his smooth-n-sultry “Don’t Come Easy” and it’s easy-groovin’ “What It Feels Like” follow-up single, The Love Reunion arrives just in time for summer with a seamless, effective balance of sound-expanding upbeat grooves alongside his signature scintillatingly sexy love grooves. 

“I would say it’s half summer, half winter,” DeVaughn muses about the prospect of The Love Reunion transcending seasons with infectious melodies and grooves that’ll guide us from hot summer days to the more cozy cooler months.

 “So half of the album is definitely a summer album, and then there’s a winter album too. It’s like in the 90s when you had those Jodeci albums where the slow jams are back to back to back…but just enough.” 

Most effectively setting the stage for the roll-out of The Love Reunion is the swirling, hypnotic premiere single “Just Right (aka Testify)” which puts the spotlight on his soaring, breathy vocals over an aurally enchanting downtempo love groove core fans are most familiar with. 

“Well, the voice is like an instrument,” RAHEEM says, while explaining the vocal showcase that results from this Tim Kelley-produced (of 90s hit-makers Tim & Bob fame) first single. 

“And technically I don’t play guitar, cello or keys, so singing and vocal arranging is my way of playing an instrument. I’ve been looking to pull this record out of myself…just this vibe, kind of like the `wedding song of the year.’ It’s an undeniable record. I feel like as artists we wait for that song, and `Just Right’ is that song for me. I feel like it’s a career-changing record for me.” 

In fact, change and musical evolution prove to be key winning elements on The Love Reunion, as there proves to be several sonic surprises and excursions in between the smoothed-out lo-fi/urban R&B head-noddin’ “Everything A Go” set opener and the cool, jazzy R&B bump of “Joyful Noise (aka The Chill AF Remix),” the set’s closer.

“One of my favorites is `Kissed By the Sun,’ which is like an Afro-beat rhythm,” he illustrates. “That’s like me just introducing my audience to a new genre of music that I wanna tap into, which is what I call `Afro-soul.’ So you can expect more of those records from me in the future. I’m starting to collaborate with artists abroad in places like South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria. Bob Marley and reggae have been a big influence on me whether people know it or not. So a record like `Magnet’ [I feel] may be one of the biggest records on the album in terms of global reach. So I’m expanding my brand and my sound.” 

He sets the complete vibe for the slow-drivin’ Prince-reminiscent latter track, his brooding R&B/rock-fused “Heaven On Earth,” which he muses as “the Christian Grey in me…like the `fifty shades of Raheem.’ That’s like one of those `burn the incense’ things. And you know the world is becoming a `cannabis-friendly’ place, so you crack that bottle under a black light and get `wit it.’” Aurally enchanting elsewhere on The Love Reunion are his signature stellar ballads and slow jams core listeners have come to count on, from the multi-layered vocals and classic R&B grind of the Prince-hued “Rose Gold” and the airy, mainstream-glossed R&B/pop flow of “California King Size Bed,” to his warm, sensuously upfront “Black Girl Magic” and the rebirthed “Please Baby Please” R&B tradition of the scintillating title track.

The Love Reunion is set to become RAHEEM’s most widely received release to date!

 “There’s a lot of conversation about where R&B is, who’s making dope R&B or who the king of R&B is. So it’s like `What does it take to be king? What does it take to be mentioned as king among kings?’ So with me being one of the kings of R&B over the last fifteen years; my music, my performance on stage and my songwriting continue to grow [vocally], while I perfect my craft. It’s about showing and proving, and staying power…and really making a statement. It’s not about being number one and necessarily saying that I have to be crowned king, but more so like there have been periods in my career where I feel I have been overlooked. And that’s not a good feeling, so when that happens there’s only two ways to respond to that: Either you take it on the chin or you `show and prove.’ And I’m a `show and prove’ kind of person…and having fun doing it.” 

Suffice to say, our ears reap all the benefits as the musical legacy of RAHEEM DEVAUGHN continues to unfold.

SHEEN writer, Tanisha Davis and Raheem DeVaughn

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