Hyperpigmentation is uneven patches or color caused by excessive melanin production. It can occur anywhere on the body. It can be caused by hormonal changes (melasma) in the body, sun exposure, skin trauma, stress, acne, age, or contact with allergens.

Don’t let this stop your glow up! Here are 3 ways to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation: 

  1. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen helps prevent hyperpigmentation. The sun causes UV rays that causes biological responses on your skin. It either redistributes melanin causing it to be darker or it ages all skin cells including your cells that produce melanin. Sunblock prevents UV light from causes these reactions to your skin or weakening the UV rays energy. UV rays are the same strength in all four seasons so using sunscreen all year round is a must! Vitamin E and Shea butter have high concentrations of natural sunblock!

  1. Melanin inhibitors:

These ingredients break down the enzyme that makes melanin so the the pigmentation can’t form. Two common melanin inhibitors are vitamin C (lemon, avocado, citric fruit oils) and licorice root extract. I know that you’ve seen the ingredients before, they’re common in a lot of skincare products such as my own line, The Vanity Collection, available at 

  1. Chemical Acid Exfoliants:

Chemical exfoliants help with cell turnover which increases your skin’s rate of exfoliation to create a more even skin tone. Exfoliating also helps to remove dad skin cells and help with wrinkles and fine lines! The acids to look out for are Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, and Sylicilic acid. Natural ingredients that you can find in the grocery store: Aloe vera, Sandalwood, turmeric, lemon, orange oil, almonds, vitamin E, and avocado. 

Incorporate these into your skin care routine and you’ll be well on your way to clear skin.


This feature was submitted by Megan Parker 


Megan Parker is a licensed esthetician and with over 6 years experience. Within that time frame, she has mastered waxing, and earned certifications in dermaplaning, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and lash extensions. Megan owns Megan Rocks the Beat and The Vanity Collection, both located in Metairie, LA. Instagram: @meganrocksthe.beat