Columbia, South Carolina native, TiffanyJ is a woman you must familiarize yourself with. Not only is she inspirational but as a self-esteem advocate and all-around artist, she has left us in complete awe. In this exclusive interview, TiffanyJ opens up to us about her passion to help others, the creation of Super Beauty, how she was able to fight through depression in her teenage years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

There are so many words that describe me, but notably, I’d like to be recognized as a self-esteem advocate and all-around artist. I love to use my creativity to pour into the lives of others ultimately helping them freely be. I’m a native of Columbia, South Carolina, and I am a true southern girl. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. I own the multimedia graphic design firm TJ’s Elements LLC, and I present my musical offerings under my Solbird Entertainment LLC brand.

What inspired the creation of Super Beauty?

In 2017, I stepped into the realm of authorship with a book titled, It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self and Loving It, and noticed after its release that many of the girls I mentored needed this; however, they were not at the reading level to yet comprehend it. So, I had the idea to create a children’s book series with a character I named after a nickname given to me by a mentee, Super Beauty. That mentee shared in a school project that I had the powers to make people feel good about themselves, and I wanted that to be the basis of what I would create. Super Beauty is an exceptional girl with high self-esteem that has the superpowers to diminish the influence of bullies and boost self-esteem and confidence in her peers. I’ve even furthered the character creations with her twin brother Handsome Hero who’s a young dude making it cool to be smart.

You suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts as a child, how were you able to push through the hard times to get to where you are today?

Beginning at 14 years old, songwriting and journaling became my healing mechanism. When I discovered how to release my innermost thoughts and feelings creatively in a way that was not detrimental to me or disrespectful to anyone else, I became aware of how to process and continue moving forward with life. It’s absolutely ok to not be okay, but we have to learn how to express our feelings. Holding in thoughts is what eats us up and leads to unhealthy situations.

Why are you so passionate about encouraging young girls to be confident and rise above bullying?

As a young girl, I had very low self-esteem. I knew I was talented, smart, and fun, but I knew I was also different. I wasn’t yet comfortable in my differences and didn’t understand that they made me unique. I want girls, boys, and people, in general, to find themselves and be happy with that. Confidence is everything; plus, when you exude confidence, the bullies go the other way.

Where do you hope to see yourself and Super Beauty in the future?

I see myself and the Super Beauty brand changing lives for the better daily. We have introduced a new character named “Handsome Hero” who happens to be Super Beauty’s twin brother, and we are currently taking pre-orders to get the Handsome Hero Pep Talker (boy plush toy) manufactured. You can pre-order now by clicking here! We are actively working to get an animated series produced and have jigsaw puzzles releasing September 1. I would love to walk in Wal-Mart one day and have my products on the shelf…. And quite frankly, I want Super Beauty to be bigger than Barney.

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