It’s 6am, and you’re at least 60% awake, thanks to your pre workout. You walk into the gym, plan in your head, and you can’t wait to get in, get out, and get on with life. As you gear up to perform your first set of chest presses, you feel a slight gust of wind near your inner thigh. As you inconspicuously grab the inseam of your alumni basketball shorts, you realize that theres a major hole in between your legs. It’s time to get some real workout clothes.

With the ever progressing state of the fitness community comes the evolution of gym wear. Its not enough to simply pull out your old community choir shirt for cardio day. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who are cognitive of the quality of clothing they wear for their workouts have as much as 35% increased success rate in terms of reaching their fitness goals.

Here are four fall must haves to ensure you’re looking your best, even in your sweatiest moments.

These hot of the block kicks are not only fashion friendly, but also highly effective, and unisex. One of the greatest things about these shoes is their ability to endure an interval sprint, but comfortable enough for leg day. The eye catching color tones that these shoes offer only adds an additional selling point. Purchase these shoes at

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of teaching a HIIT training class and glanced around to see that one participant manually holding her boobs down while attempting to jump. LuluLemon heard your cry, and they came out with the Ferrari of bras. From the sleek straps to the wealth of support, this bra literally handles you, while you handle your workout. The bra contains a cross back, so that you don’t have to worry about any of those love handles playing peek-a-boo. The technology behind LuluLemons active wear is pretty simply: Durability, dependability, and simplicity. Their dark color patterns allow you to make a clean cut debut every time you hit the gym floor, and the versatility of the garments allow you to dress up for the gym, and down for sunday brunch. Purchase this and more at

Whats better than going to Target? Going to Target and finding some really dope workout pants! Champion made sure that the fellas were ready for the world with these comfortable running pants. Aside from the clean and simple look, these threads offer a moisture wicking fabric that allows your to cool off the kingdom jewels on your long saturday morning runs. These pants offer two standard side pockets, but also have an inner back pocket, perfect for your cellular device. No longer will you need to pull those ash grey sweat pants from the back of your drawer…That is, unless you just want to be the topic of someones Facebook status. Purchase at

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