How annoying is it when your favorite lipstick breaks? It’s like a broken heart we can’t mend. Well, what if SHEEN told you, you actually can bring it back to life? We’re here to tell you how in ten easy steps!

Step one: Remove the broken piece of your lipstick off the tube and bring your lipstick as high up as it will go.

Step two: With a q-tip, clean around the surface of the lipstick, this creates an even base for you to work with. Simply smooth it out.

Step three: With a lighter, ignite the lighter and hold it up against the base of the lipstick until the lipstick melts just a little. Be sure to work quickly.

Step four: Next, hold the lighter against the broken piece of your lipstick for just one second.

Step five: Using a different q-tip, shape and mold the broken piece.

Step six: Work quickly as you run the lighter across the bottom of the broken piece and attach it back to the tube.

Step seven: With light pressure, press and twist the piece into place.

Step eight: Run the lighter around the lipstick quickly.

Step nine: Smooth out the edges of the lipstick once again with a q-tip.

Step ten: Place in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

Ta-da! Your lipstick is back in one piece! No need to mourn your loss, saving it with these easy steps will help you save a trip back to the store, who doesn’t love saving money?!

All images: Shutterstock