Unwanted hair is such a drag. I mean, who really wants to wait and deal with the aftermath of a wax gone wrong, ending up with bumps, ingrown hairs and a load of fear and frustration? And not to mention, wasting time and money on expensive treatments that may or may not get the job done.

For those who seem lost in the world of hair removal, sugaring may have answered the rallying cries of many women who are ready for something easy, inexpensive and health-conscious.

Sugaring, which is a process of combining sugar, lemon and water into a gum-like paste and spreading it across the desired area of the body, removes hair directly from the hair follicle for an easy and less intrusive and painful procedure. Hair grows back softer and appears less coarse as well. It has been all the rage in Western parts of the world and in recent years has been welcomed into the homes of women across the country who’ve vowed never to return for another painful waxing again.

Check out the video below by vlogger, Ela Gale as she provides an easy DIY to sugaring.