You know and love young actor, TJ Atoms in Hulu’s drama bio-pic series, Wu-Tang: An AMerican Saga but did you know he was an artist too? The North Philadelphia native joined us for an exclusive interview to discuss his role in the series, his music career, and much more!

Tell us about your role on Hulu’s drama biopic, Wu Tang: An American Saga.

I play Ason, he is the most comedic relief of the whole story. The story is really dramatized. When you see Ason, you better be ready to smile (laughs).

How would you describe your overall experience for this project? What was it like working with Shameik Moore and Ashton Sanders.

There are no words in English that could describe it. It was life changing and a true game changer for me because it was my first big role. Honestly, the whole cast is amazing. I got to meet the Wu Tang I grew up listening to. It was a true dream come true, the whole experience.

You are also a rapper and released your single, “Stay Down” earlier in September. Tell us about the inspiration behind creating this hit single.

It was made just to inspire people to stay down til you come up. Stay humble, stay grounded, and focused until you come up. It’s not a negative term, it just means to stay grounded until you become what you want to be. I recorded the song three years ago and I was kind of speaking into existence but I felt like it wasn’t ready for me to release because I wasn’t up yet. Ultimately, I had to release it when I felt it was ready so the message could be clear. 

What can listeners expect to hear when you release your EP later this year?

You can definitely expect to experience a whole vibe. Every song going to sound different and have its own vibe. It’s a whole experience! Atoms, my last name means everything, the energy and I feel like it reciprocates into my music. I got every genre inside of my head, there isn’t a song that will sound like the last. Just get ready for a real experience.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

You can expect to see tons of more roles, dropping music, becoming a household name, and you can expect to see my face everywhere! I just want to spread positive vibes everywhere, I’m not that complicated.


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All images by Emily Assiran