OWN TV Networks are back with another show about black love, marriage, and the social scene in “Queen City,” Charlotte, North Carolina. To Have & To Hold Charlotte will captivate audiences who enjoy healthy discussions on real topics such as; marriage, fidelity, family, and finance. The show touches on a little of everything from the aspect of marriage. Viewers can already tell the show will be a major hit because of the uniqueness of the cast, the different personalities that seem to clash, and the interesting storylines that are covered on the show.

The cast consists of a superior court judge and attorney power couple Tyywadi & David Hands who’re experiencing marital issues currently and are practicing “nesting” in their home currently. Alane & Yandrick are the socialites in the group and play the connector in the circle. You can tell Alane & Yandrick have great personalities that live an exciting, socially rewarding, and fulfilling lives because not only do they have 4 children together, but they are still always on the scene in Charlotte.

Christine & Darhy have been married 10 years and have no kids. They have double income, and no kids yet but have a 48 hrs rule about sex. They are a gorgeous couple and apparently, they can’t keep their hands off each other, even after 10 years. The couple has a rule, they don’t go longer than 48 hours without sex. I’m interested to see their story unfold. I feel they are holding back but hopefully, as the show continues we will get to see more transparency in their relationship.

Ursla & Clinton are both on their second marriages and they have no children together. They’re enjoying each others company and seem to take on the peacemaker role within the group. You will have to tune into OWN TV on Saturdays to make your own decision. “To Have & To Hold Charlotte” has me addicted already. Will you be tuning in?

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