Tonia Durham, a native of Ridgeway, SC, began making all natural soaps in 2015. Taking care of your skin is very important and no matter what your skin type is, a daily skin care routine can help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots.

“2015 was the year that SugaChild’s All-Natural Handmade Soaps, LLC came into fruition.  It feels good to know that a product that I produced with my own hands is benefiting so many people.  I am grateful for that. I am proud to be referred to as the Sophisticated Soap Boss.”- Tonia Durham

SugaChild’s all natural soaps and more got its name from her paternal grandmother who was affectionately nicknamed Sugachild.

“As a little girl I remember my granny making soaps and I proudly carry on this tradition of making handmade all natural soaps and more.”-Tonia Durham

SugaChild’s offers you goat milk soaps formulated with essential oils to provide you with the best in natural and organic benefits without the use of harsh chemicals.  They offer scented and unscented soaps for the entire family. They use only certified organic goat’s milk, 100% pure essential oils all blended together to create a mild and moisturizing bar.  While using only the best and purest ingredients, with goat milk being a major part of their handmade soap recipes because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Fresh, natural goat milk contains unique fats, proteins and minerals that moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, including vitamin A, B-complex, and C; and alpha-hydroxy acid, a natural skin exfoliator,  also containing capric-caprylic triglyceride, a naturally occurring fatty acid that forms a barrier on the skin to help prevent the loss of moisture.

What inspired you to start your product line?

I started my product line after bad experiences with over the counter soaps that were popular on the market.  These soaps, one in particular always left my skin feeling unclean and itchy. I could never use them on my face.  I began making my own soaps and after having friends and family members try them, I decided to start my own business.

What types of products do you offer for skincare?

We offer all natural body and facial soaps for the entire family. We have liquid soaps as well. Our body washes and facial washes have been a customer favorite ever since we debuted our liquid soap line at the start of the year.  We also offer detox bath salts and soothing foot soaks. We are very proud of the custom soaps that we make for our customers. We also enjoy making gift sets and/or baskets full of our products.

What sets your products apart from others?  

We pride ourselves on using local organic materials to produce our soaps.  Our oils, honey, goat milk, etc. are all purchased from small businesses that manufacture these items locally.  We are happy to know these business owners personally, so the passion that we have for creating our products is on a grand scale.  We believe that this is what makes the difference for our customers when they experience SugaChild’s Soaps.

What upcoming events do you have planned for Suga Child’s?

We have several big vending events coming up this year.  The Charleston Natural Hair Expo is one of the largest shows of its kind in the Southeast, and we are always honored to participate. We are also launching a monthly newsletter in the near future.

What challenges have you overcome with being an entrepreneur and starting such a successful business?

I have encountered many challenges but I like to call them learning experiences because each challenge is an opportunity for me to perfect my craft as well as improve business relations.  One of my most memorable challenges was trying to find the excitement for my craft as well as my life after the sudden loss of my older brother. He and I had such a close relationship and it was a very difficult time.  I did find strength in how much he always supported me and my business. My first project after losing him was to create a soap in his honor. Our Richboy men’s soap is now our best-selling men’s product. My big brother Richard would be very proud.

What motivated you to keep going at the beginning when sales were slow?

My passion for introducing all-natural products to people is what kept me going. It was and still is imperative for me to educate people about the dangers of using commercial soaps.  

What advice do you have for those looking to start a similar business like yours?

Stick with it!  Learn as you go!  You only get out what you put in!

To change up the way you take care of your skin and avoid harsh soaps, be sure to visit Suga Child’s website!

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All images provided by Tonia Durham