Who would’ve imagined while on a personal quest to treat her lifelong struggle with problematic skin, Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, Butter Bar founder, would have stumbled upon the secret to getting a perfect complexion. It was an unsuccessful quest to find safe and holistic beauty products that adequately were to treat her skin issues as a black woman with melanated skin that catapulted her desire to create a cosmeceutical line to fill the void in the industry.

“I started reading about how much is absorbed through the skin and that set off bells, and I just kind of became obsessed. It came to a point where I could not purchase anything over the counter.” Like many entrepreneurs, her skincare line was born out of a personal need that unbeknownst to Wilson at the time, answered the prayers of many of her friends, family members and coworkers.

“One Christmas, I didn’t have any money so I gave everyone butter bars and people started asking [how] to order it. I found out people wanted it, and I spent so much time doing it [that] I didn’t want to go to my accounting job.”

Fast forward to present day, and Butter Bar is reaching meteoric heights with host of natural products to sooth and treat common skin ailments of black women, while educating a loyal fanbase online and gracing the pages of magazines.

As her company continues to soar, her goal to further continue expanding her brand to a larger platform and provide more education on proper skin care.


“I’d hope we established ourselves as a household name, provide more education about skin care on a larger platform and expand into stores for a much larger reach.”

With Old-Man Winter here, SHEEN took a moment to get some insider skin maintenance tips from Wilson. “You have to treat the inside before you treat yourself externally.”

According to Wilson, most fail and waste money on products that will never overcompensate for the lack of a healthy diet and proper nutrition. She encourages everyone to begin reevaluating their food consumption to see what is and isn’t working for them. “Drink up to 8 glasses or a gallon of water a day.”

With colder climates comes harsh weather that can potentially strip the skin of its moisture. Wilson suggest drinking up to 8 glasses a day or up to a gallon to combat the weather and avoid dry flaky skin this year. “Turn the temperature of the water in your shower down during the winter as it strips the skin of essential oils.”

The colder months make it tempting to turn up the temperature of water in your shower, but Wilson says it’s a No-No! In fact, the hotter the water, she explains, the more natural oils are extracted from your body that can lead to skin issues or exacerbate existing ones. She also suggests blotting your skin prior to moisturizing with a sulfate-free moisturizer (Butter Bar, Rich All Over $12.00).