Yes, if you’re black, the melanin in your skin is like black gold and more equipped to handle damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. And yes, it’s known to keep us looking younger longer, but that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. In fact, more often than not, some of us neglect our skincare regime, if we have one at all.

However, we have listed the four top black-owned skin care companies whose products are just for you.


CLEANSE by Lauren Napier

Celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Napier is responsible for the glorious faces of some of your favorite entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Zoe Kravitz, Justin Bieber and Drake. A self-proclaimed minimalist, Napier accidentally created her CLEANSE facial product for other people on the go who also wanted to maintain their healthy glow. The simple facial cleanser is made with all natural ingredients including water, aloe, cucumber, chamomile, marshmallow root extract and oat kernel extract.



Nyraju Natural Skincare

Esthetician Juliette Samuel is the founder and CEO of Nyraju skincare. She and her family created an all-natural skin and hair company that includes products with no hydroquinone, lead or heavy alcohol with an emphasis for people of color. Their product line, which includes face firming serum, natural dark spot remover and natural rosewater toner to help minimize dark spots and uneven skin tone, bring a youthful, radiant glow back to dull skin while providing natural ingredients to smooth and nourish skin.


Iman Cosmetics

World-renowned fashion model Iman made waves in the fashion industry in the early ‘90s and now has made a place for herself as a pioneer in the skincare and cosmetic industry, specializing in ethnic cosmetics.

After noticing a void in the makeup industry as a runway model, Iman launched her skincare and cosmetic line in 1994, including 16 foundation shades which features the Time Control Oil Moisture Complex SPF 15 that conditions and controls oily skin.



When Pooka founder and CEO Dawn Fitch fell ill, she decided to take matters into her own hands and began delving into aromatherapy. After noticing her own personal results, she vowed to share her newfound knowledge of the healing properties of aromatherapy with the world and created a line for the body with all natural ingredients.

Pooka’s lineup includes everything from Shea butter, body butter, elbow grease and body mists, body scrubs and whipped creams.

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