There are so many unrecognized, powerful people in the world who refuse to live up to their full potential.


They will share a million reasons as to why something can’t get done.

They don’t have the money. They don’t have time. They don’t have the right look.

The list goes on. A friend told me once that she would start her business as soon as her daughter graduates college. Keep in mind her daughter was only in the 11th grade. That was a huge excuse! People say all these things but the real reason they won’t leap is because of one word.


Yes, there are so many things to be afraid of. So what. Do it scared. There are plenty of things you won’t know but like New York Times best-selling author Marie Forleo says, “EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE.”

Today I’m going to share some things that helped me jump out of my comfort zone and do some of the scariest things (to me) in the world.

I had to realize that it doesn’t hurt to do things for the first time. I just had to prove to myself that I could do it.

Talk to people you don’t know! Anyone who knows me understands that I am surprisingly an introvert. I like staying to myself and getting work done. When this year started, I made a decision that I had to be more open so I started to reach out to some of my colleagues. I’m so glad I decided to take the time to just say hello once per month. I talk to some of these people now very frequently and they help me push toward my goals. You can find friends anywhere!

Educate yourself. So I have been a Publicist for over six years and in the entertainment industry for over ten years. About two years ago I took a leap of faith and took a course in a subject completely unrelated to my career; Credit restoration. I had always wanted to do this but never made the time to pursue it until I decided to get a little uncomfortable. This is how started my company, Gold Life Global, and changed the trajectory of my entire life!

Forgive someone! There will always be people who wrong you but the power of forgiveness is real! I always thought it was dumb to hear people say that forgiveness is for you, not the other person. When I stopped holding grudges, thought of five good things about the person and just let it go, I felt so much better.

Number 3 brings me to my next tip. Read a self-help book. About three years ago a friend of mine sent me a random message on Facebook asking for my address because he wanted to send me a gift. A few days later I got a book in the mail entitled “The Four Agreements.” I read the entire book. It took me about a week because I had to read the chapters twice to let the words sink in. If you’ve never read this book you need to grab a copy right now. It will change how you view

EVERYTHING. Fear will no longer take over our thoughts. Trust me.

The last thing I want you to start doing is meditate. I think I started meditating about two years ago. It’s just a natural part of my routine now.  Whenever I meditate it makes me want to go harder for my goals. It gives me a new confidence. It really clears your mind and sort of helps you see yourself, outside of yourself. I hope that makes sense!

This is a short and simple list but these things work for me so I wanted to introduce you to them.

What new things have you tried or want to try? How have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

Please share with me in the comments box below!

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