Yes, you read that right. I have traveled around doing the nails of some of our most beloved celebs such as Gaga, MJB, Jay-Z , and Pink.  I have never sat at a manicure desk, all cool and collected with a calm environment during these services. Manicures for the stars are done, mostly, in settings bustling with multitasking. I was once was doing a celebrity’s nails while she was breast feeding, eating edamame, simultaneously getting hair and make-up done AND doing a radio phone interview. I have a lot of annoyances when it come to this aspect of my job but what I want to relay to you here is my NAIL SALON PET PEEVES.

This information is from my experience, training and knowledge.  It is not meant to discourage you from continuing to go to your current nail salon but rather to make you aware.

Hot Dogging

What do hot dogs and nail salons have to do with one another, you ask? Nothing! Correct

Hot dogging is a verb that I use to describe one of my most clutch your pearls activities if I witness it. UGH! A deplorable act, punishable, if I had my way. It happens during the most sacred part of a pedicure service; with most clients claiming, “This is my favorite part.” Hot Dogging is applying the lotion directly on the leg (or arm) directly from the bottle in a strip, like putting mustard on a hot dog. It’s crash and unnecessary! Unprofessional, at best. Massage is a dance; it’s an exchange of energy. In my humble opinion, the service provider showing true care will put the lotion in their hands first, rub them together and then begin to lay hands on you with increasing pressure. Giving you and your feet- love, attention and relaxation. You deserve it. You deserve better.

Community Toe Separators

Okay, say it with me….disposable! El desechable.

The way I see it, disposable means to dispose of; it is a one-time use product.  Once said product is used, said product is to be disposed of. Aka; throw in the trash; get rid of, no longer use it.  However, what I notice at some nail salons is a separate (from trash) bin near the exit door or nail dryer station to put your used toe separators and/or disposable slippers in.  I ask you, “Why is there a separate bin? Are they so special that they require their own disposable?” It is not like they are (environmentally) recyclable.  Their material will live long past our lifetimes, as they do not biodegrade.  What I think is going on is that they are being recycled on other people. Check it out during your next Pedi; are the toe separators individually wrapped in plastic or is the technician rifling thru a drawer trying to find two matching colors to put thru your toes?  Over the years I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of these supplies. I say hundreds (where I have spent thousands on other supplies based on their price. Disposable toe separators and slippers are fair in pricing. $15-25 for a pack of 100 toe separators. That is about .25 per individual wrapped sereratory. A friggin quarter! The same price as a gumball, sooooooo THERE IS NO REASON TO RE USE THESE PRODUCTS. IT IS UNNESSESARY. These most always come individually packaged.  If they are not ripping plastic like cellophane packaging off then you are getting ripped off. You are getting sub par service and you deserve better.  The slippers sometimes come wrapped individually and sometimes not. However, if they are put in a drawer, new, unused they will be stacked and pressed against one another quite firmly.  When at the end of your pedi if your provider is scrambling about, bobbing, weaving and ducking in drawers and carts to find these finishing touches to set the stage for your polish application make a plan to bring your own separators each time and keep a spare pair of flip flops in your car.

There you have it!

Hot dogging is more of a pet peeve. An aesthetic error visually uncomfortable for both my eyes and my true customer service heart to see. While community toe separators may pose a health hazard. Take it from me; I have seen the in-between of thousands of toes, some YOU DO NOT want to be sharing 25-cent separators with!

When in doubt….

Bring your own.

Safety first.

Manicurist’s honor.

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