Topiclear has the perfect solution for getting rid of your dark marks. If you have any dark spots from previous acne scars that you are trying to remove look no further than Topiclear’s Skin Tone Body Oil.

The price point is great ($8.99) and you receive a ton of product. Topiclear provides you with three options to choose from in the body oil line:

Topiclear Papaya Skin Tone Body Oil  

Topiclear Papaya Body Oil is uniquely formulated to moisturize and soften dry skin. Mixed with pure papaya properties to bring an even skin tone complexion and works against skin impurities to leave your skin with a delicious papaya fragrance and a healthy look.

Topiclear Skin Tone Body Oil   

This lightweight oil works to leave your skin with a silky smooth even toned complexion and takes away your worries about dry skin. Enriched with a light pleasant fragrance to add more beauty to the skin. The oil will protect, hydrate, and lock moisture into the skin.

Topiclear Carrot Skin Tone Body Oil 

Topiclear Carrot Body Oil is fast acting and proved to cleanse and moisturize dry skin. Uniquely mixed with carrot root properties that works to clear up any dark blemishes caused by sun damage or acne scars and leave your skin with a healthy smooth even toned complexion.

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