With trying to find a way to fill a gap for people with scalp-related issues, Tracey Spruill finds the perfect solution with her new line of hair products, Aloe + Coal by T.Spruill

When it comes to black women-owned companies, it’s important to support them whenever you’re able to, especially when their product is helping to solve a well-known problem within the black community. I recently attended the launch of a black woman-owned business, with a product that does and is exactly just that.

Tracey Spruill and SHEEN Contributing Writer, Jena Brown

Tracey Spruill, owner of Aloe + Coal by T.Spruill recently launched this line of natural hair-care products that were designed with people with eczema, dandruff, lupus various forms of alopecia, psoriasis, and other scalp-related issues in mind. The story behind this line was that Tracey herself has eczema across her hairline and over-the-counter products weren’t working. As Tracey is also a licensed cosmetologist, and her clients would often ask if she had any recommendations and she felt unconfident to recommend a useful product. That’s when Tracey felt there was a gap, and from there she began to conduct the proper research to create the right formulation, and from there is how Aloe + Coal by T.Spruill was created.

How long did you say it took until you found the right formula for your product line?

“It’s been at least two years minimum, from when I started the idea of research and knowing which ingredients I really wanted to be included in the product. I would say working with the manufacturer, because of the type of product it is, it has to be made with an approved manufacturer of FDA-type products. So, going through the various iterations, I would say at least six months. Probably, even more, to narrow down the formula that I was happy with.

Was there a specific moment that caused you to want to take matters into your hands when it came to filing this need within the hair community?

“Definitely, not only seeing myself as a user of the product but also being able to help others. When I really saw that people have issues, they come to a cosmetologist looking for an answer. A lot of times, people don’t go to their physician or dermatologist first, they try to shop around. They go into the stores, they’ll have an itchy scalp, they’ll see what they can find first before they actually go through the process of booking an appointment, and getting on a doctor’s schedule. So when they come to me, you can suggest that they need to go see a dermatologist or go see your physician — but not being able to truly recommend a product that they can use in the meantime, really ate at me because you can see that those people’s self-esteem was really affected. Your hair is your crown and when your hair is out of whack, you feel out of whack. So, I like to make people feel good about themselves and I know that when you are at a boardroom meeting, and you’re dressed for success or something — the last thing you need is some dandruff flakes on your shoulder or you digging in your hair for a presentation. So, to me, that was important. The self-confidence boost that I would be able to give someone that is struggling.”

In this line, all of the harsh products are removed; paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde-free and no artificial fragrance. The line also has an FDA active ingredient, pyrithione zinc — which makes the products in this line on over-the-counter drug solution. These products were designed to be a “farm-to-follicle” apothecary solution; simply merging medicine with holistic healing.

Tracey & Stacey Spruill, Twin Sister of Founder/Owner

This event was awesome to witness, Tracey truly has the support of her friends and family. You could totally feel the love inside of the room as she gets started on this new journey. We wish nothing but the best to Tracey and to Aloe + Coal by T. Spruill!

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All images by Ashley and Keith Jones with Forever Jones Photography