The Beauty of Giving Spotlight continues. Tulani, who is known best by touring with Lady Gaga and working with Musiq Soulchild, Angie Stone and the legendary Chaka Khan is making her way to the top. In the light of Tulani being on the rise, Sheen Magazine sat down with her to find out some of her ways and beauty of giving. 

What is your way of giving back during the holiday season or throughout the year?

I speak in schools to students about self-esteem, and I have served as an Arts & Anti-Bullying Ambassador for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, and as an Arts Ambassador for The Foundation For The Advancement of Music & Education (F.A.M.E).  I have also served as a volunteer for the American Heart Association of Greater Washington, and I will be starting a Health & Fitness campaign through dance with the YMCA of Greater Washington.

Why is it important to use your platform to impact the lives of others in a positive manor?

 People may have different platforms and avenues of giving, but the common thread is that it makes our world a better place and there is no greater fulfillment than to bring joy to another human being and enhance their quality of life.

Why is it important to spread love on a daily?

Music and love are universal languages and each brings joy to the giver as well as the receiver. You never know what someone is going through, and a smile, a hello, a hug, an act of kindness, a song could literally save someone’s life. 

 If you would like to keep up with Tulani and her music, click here to be redirected to her Youtube channel.  Thank you, Tulani, SHEEN salutes you today for your efforts and giving back.  Be sure to check us out tomorrow, at 10am to see our next influencer spotlight. 

Featured Image by Sheen Magazine