Deadly Dispatch aired this week on TV One as apart of their “Love, Lies, & Murder” themed films based on true stories. Deadly Dispatch stars Tamala Jones, Dominique Perry, and Bone Crusher. The film will draw you in instantly and keep you at the edge of your seats following the story of Shawn, a cab driver and husband with a huge heart played by artist turned actor Bone Crusher. Dominique Perry plays the role of Shawn’s wife, Amber in this film, but she’s most known from her role of  Tasha on HBO’s Insecure. Dominique is playing a sneaky, conniving, and narcissistic character in this film which definitely showcases more of her acting ability and range. Tamala bragged about how surprised both her and Dominique were when they discovered Bone Crusher’s acting abilities on set. Bone Crusher will come off as a natural in the film and definitely captivate the hearts of the audience. Deadly Dispatch touches the topics of trust, being alert, mental health, and overall knowing when to leave bad situations before it’s too late. SHEEN discussed the new film extensively with the cast and what to expect below.

What were some of your favorite moments on set?

Tamala Jones: The funny parts were my favorite parts. I’m very silly! The party scene and the scene between Tiffany & Shawn in the car scene.

What was the hardest scene for you to tap into?

Tamala Jones: The crying scenes are the hardest for me. You have to cry repeatedly. I normally have to go into a dark space and think about the worst things that have happened to me. I loved the rest of the scenes because I was working with new people, and working with Dominique was exciting. I’d known her work from Insecure previously.

What was the biggest difference from filming on Insecure and filming Deadly Dispatch?

 Dominique Perry: The biggest difference was filming a crime movie, which includes dramatics and intensity. My character Amber stretched me and showed my acting range and abilities. I relate to my character Tasha on Insecure so it’s easier for me to connect with that character. My character “Amber” in this film not so much.

What are you hoping the viewers take away from your individual characters?

Tamala Jones: Be vigilant with your family and friends, pay attention to people’s emotions, and be loyal.

Dominique Perry: Amber was going through a lot with her husband and I want people to take away from her to seek counseling if you’re unhappy. If you’re in a relationship you’re unhappy in, before doing anything rash. Just walk away before we cause any harm to yourself or each other.

Bone Crusher: I want people to take away from Shawn that we have to pay attention to the signs. We have to stay alert when people show you who they are. Shawn had plenty of opportunities to see that his wife didn’t have his back like that and she was on another mission. I think that narcissism is real and that people are doing things that aren’t human. Shawn got himself in a position that shows that narcissism is very dangerous and violent. Don’t falsely think people will love you back, the way you love them.

How did you prepare for this role?

Bone Crusher: I have to give it up to my co-stars. I came on the set very late and they were already engrossed in the film. They made it very easy for me to transition into my role, and Shawn lucky for me had a personal space in my life that helped me prepare to actually play him. The tragic thing about these movies this month for TV ONE, they are all based on true stories. I want people to really understand what Shawn went through and what kind of person he really was.

Tamala Jones: This is a good film that people should be taking heed to. People are going to be shocked in a very good way about bone crusher’s performance in this film.

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