The Bronner Brothers Winter Hair Show happened this weekend in Atlanta and all the beauty industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the country came out to take part.

Last night I attended the post Bronner Brothers Mixer and Vendor Showcase at The Marke’ Venue hosted by owners Kela and Keisha Taylor. The mixer was broadcasted live by Streetz 94.5 morning team and it featured Dr. William Yates, a world-renowned hair loss surgeon who has started Royal Remedy, a product line that will assist women and men of all hair types with repairing and restoring their hair.

I was able to have a few words with Dr. Yates last night about Royal Remedy.

Dr. William Yates

When asked what was the inspiration behind Royal Remedy, Dr. Yates reflects on a time when he saw a young girl that was in high school who didn’t have any hair on the side and top of her head, he says “When I saw that, it made me want to work even harder on the products to make sure nobody would have hair like that and have to deal with it.” Dr. Yates goes on to say “if I never have to do another transplant again, I’m ok with that.”

What’s Your favorite product?

We have about 12 products, which have all been tested, so it’s like a kid in a candy store. If I had to pick one, it would be the Apple Cider Vinegar Reset Shampoo because everybody’s scalp has bacteria or things that cause dandruff and this shampoo makes the PH of the hair back to normal and fights fungus and just leaves a good sheen on the hair and it’s good on all hair types. Overall, that’s the product that will prevent most hair loss.”

What products do you personally use?

I use the Apple Cider Vinegar Reset Shampoo and the Hair Fibers which are pure keratin that you sprinkle in your hair that gives your hair the illusion of being thicker and it works well with what I call our hair, Afrocentric, because the particles are very thick and shiny which looks good. I use them everyday.

During the event there was a live presentation of a silk press using Dr. Yates products from Royal Remedy. While the presentation was going on Dr. Yates and his lead stylist answered questions from the guests that attended about the products and how they stand up to the rest of the products on the market.

Also in attendance was celebrity hairstylist and Bronner Brothers Hair Battle Competition Winner, Terrence Davidson; International hairstylist and Educator, Ms. Willa; and 19 year old celebrity stylist CliffVMir.

The owners of Universal Salon Suites raffled off a Gucci watch at the end of the event.

Yung Joc, Mo Quick and comedian Shawty
International hairstylist Ms. Willa and Yung Joc
Star Divine and Terrance Davidson