Anyone who follows my health & fitness blog knows that I’m a big proponent of fresh healthy food over prepackaged. But just like not all gyms, fruits, or workout pants are created equally, the same is true for packaged foods. A prime example of this is this delicious recipe for a baked tofu slider with store bought tabbouleh and sriracha hummus.

Ingredients for 1:

½ cup Washed Kale

1 Square Baked Tofu

2 Tablespoons Tabbouleh

2 Tablespoons Sriracha hummus

¼ Lemon (Optional)


In a large non-stick pan, spray with zero calorie cooking oil & place tofu inside. Allow to brown before flipping, then add the tabbouleh & hummus. Stir the hummus well to warm all the way through. On a plate, place half the kale, the baked tofu, followed by the hummus & finally the tabbouleh. Top with the other half of the kale. Add squeezed lemon if you desire.

 All the ingredients for this quick, simple, and delicious recipe were bought at my local Trader Joe’s, but all of them can also be found at most other grocery stores. Give it a try, & enjoy!