With the Holiday cheers and shopping in full effect, there will be a load of events and parties to make your way to. But what if you are the one who has to plan those events? We know that throwing those epic moments of fun at times can be a headache. So the best way to make sure you avoid headaches is to get an experienced event planner who can make your event the talk of the city! I had a chance to catch up with Kei Reeves who is known as The Event Mogul. She organizes events for women and men of color throughout the year! Her passion is to help women of color celebrate their inner beauty. This was her reason for the launch of the New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. This is an annual event that promotes wellness and beauty amongst the African American community.

“I produce events that are geared toward men and women of color. This includes all types of events from networking, to shopping but mainly I do Natural Hair Events. I am known as The Event Mogul and my signature event is the annual New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo which draws about 1800 attendees each year. Last year I decided to extend my brand by having training which shows business owners how they can plan events for additional money or learn how to connect to their tribe.” –Kei Reeves

 Kei Reeves has been planning events for the past twelve years through her position as a Project Manager. During her time there she discovered her niche for planning events.

I have been a Project Manager in my 9 to 5 job for the past 12 years so one aspect of that is planning events, programs or study milestones. Later I branched out to begin planning my own events in 2014. I realized event planning was my passion when I saw how holding events was enabling me to connect with other people of all backgrounds. I love networking and forming new relationships.”

If you’re looking to learn how to put on a great event, Kei is hosting an event planning boot camp on December 14th in New Jersey.

The Event Planning Bootcamp in December will show people how they can easily plan events as an additional form of income at minimal out of pocket costs.  We will also discuss event marketing and obtaining sponsorships.”

Don’t get that party started without a great event planner! It could mean the difference between a fun experience or a nightmare!

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All images provided by Kei Reeves