Music Manager Taye Hov, a native of Mobile Alabama delivers a new perspective to the Music Industry! Recently he joined 6x Entertainment and proudly stated during the interview that this was more like a family than just business, the team is planning to launch some amazing opportunities for new artist on the rise. In the midst of helping to manage artist, he takes pride in building them from “out of the mud” as he mentioned during a recent interview. Taye stated that today most managers want you to already have a large following and be at a certain level in your music career before they take you on as a client. He informed me that he would rather help an artist with great potential to seriously grow and help mold them off the back before the fame. Those are things he felt were great qualities that an independent artist should look for when seeking management. “Be sure to look for someone who wants to really help you and mold you into that mainstream artist no matter what your current status is.” He shared how there can be some downsides to the industry when it comes to artist finding a good manager. “You have to be careful not to get a manager that wants that light for themselves as well.”  He added that it’s best to find a manager that doesn’t have a current music career or once had an unsuccessful music career because they could seek to be in the light more than the artist, and that later creates problems for the client that they are managing.

When speaking on the evolution of the music scene today, he added that he actually enjoys the creativity he sees today and mentioned that there is some originality being seen in some of the artists today just as much as it was with artist from the 80s and 90s.

Taye Hov takes pride in the work he does and has worked in the music and fashion industry for the past ten years. Currently, his newest artist he manages is B.O.B Siy, who has a new single out now called “Trap Talk” which is available now on all streaming networks.

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