There’s a new soulful voice rising up and creating major attention throughout the streets of New York and Ohio. R&B singer and songwriter, LXXS whose real name is Alexis Tillman, brings a smooth yet powerful voice full of energy to the music scene.

Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the R&B singer began developing her musical talent at the early age of five-years-old, performing hit 90s songs with her older brothers for her community, family, and friends. At age seven, LXXS was singing in church as the lead soloist for a children’s choir in her hometown. Shortly after church members recognized her vocal abilities during performances, and the singer was promoted to the mass choir in which she excelled in music throughout her adolescence years beyond the church.

“I remember waking up as a kid almost every morning just singing, music is my life; it keeps me motivated,” Tillman said during an interview. (Bio)

The songstress has already hit multiple stages across the country, performing her chart-topping single, “Superwoman,” which has gained nationwide appeal on various radio stations and climbed the charts in top DJ record pools, including Starfleet Music Pool. The 18-year-old is set to release more singles and performed her single during the 2018 New York Fashion Week event, “Runways on Fire,” according to a press release. She also hosted a private listening party during NYFW 2018, where top DJ’s and music industry executives gathered to review her music and artistry. In a recent interview on Starrdom100 Radio, the singer shared some insights about her journey into the music industry.

When did you realize you had a real gift for singing and should pursue it as a career?

When I was younger I use to sing in church and around my bedroom, and I never really thought I could pursue singing or become a singer like Beyoncé or somebody. I wanted to be like a doctor but as I came to the end of high school, I started meeting people who were in music and it just kind of opened my eyes, like if they are doing it, I could do it too. So I started writing music and my brother helped write some songs for me, and it just started from there.

Which one of your songs that you have written happens to be your favorite right now?

It’s hard for me to pick, but one of my favorite songs right now would have to be “Superwoman.” I really love this song because when I listen to this song, or when I’m singing, it reminds me that I’m confident and that I don’t really need anybody as far as a guy or fake friends. It’s just a positive song about being independent, handling your own stuff and not really worrying about other people.

Where do you get a lot of inspiration for your music from?

I can honestly say that when I first started writing, my songs were based on a relationship, and I was writing about the heartbreaks from that relationship and as time went on, and I got over those relationships and fake friends, whenever an idea popped into my head randomly I would just go to my notes and write it up. Overall, it’s been based on my own life experiences.

What message do you desire your listeners to get from your latest single “Super Woman”?

The overall message I want women to get is that you don’t need to depend on anybody and that you should find love within yourself before you go searching for it anywhere else. You have to focus on yourself and not worry about other people because they are only going to hold you back.


LXXS is currently signed to CW-One Music Group in New York and you can download her new single ‘Super Woman’ now which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play!

You can listen to the full interview she had on Starrdom100 Radio now by clicking here!

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