Judy “Jae Nash” is the Creator and Inspirational Host of Girl Power Hour Radio. She is a multimedia talent with more than 12 years of experience in the entertainment and sports industry as a radio personality, producer, television host, humanitarian and former castmate on VH1’s Tough Love Co-Ed. She is also a member of Color Comm (Women of Color in Communication) and the Core DJs. She sits on the board of the Mackin Miracles providing relief to widows and children. As a host on Atlanta’s V-103.3 FM station, she is a motivator, encouraging, enlightening, and empowering women and girls to live life on purpose. Jae is also an advocate for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Jae is the widow of the late great running back Damien Nash. In the book, Jae Nash shares the story of how she met and lost her NFL husband Damien Nash, who was a former running back for the Denver Broncos before he passed away in 2007.

Her book, “Girl Power: Uncensored,” is a collection of women’s stories which shares the struggles of real women, who have faced very real obstacles. Unfortunately, while most of their stories are not uncommon, they are also some of the hardest things to discuss; which is why “Girl Power: Uncensored” serves as a testament that most women can relate to. So many women out there have a story to tell and some have not yet found the voice to share the painful experiences of their past. How often do we as women feel bound by the wounds of our past? Many dare not share what has happened to them for fear of being ridiculed and bashed. However, Jae Nash continues to use her gift and platform for women all over the world by creating an open door for them to not be ashamed of what they have been through, and to let the world know that they are here and still full of power!

“Over a year ago, I envisioned taking Girl Power Hour, the radio platform that I built to tell women’s stories and turn it into a book. I knew God wanted me to heal through some pretty jacked up things that I experienced in my life. Excuse the lack of a better word, but this book is Uncensored, right? Girl Power Uncensored is not for the weak or judgmental. It’s merely a compilation of stories told by women FOR women in hopes that you can relate and be inspired to live your truth.” – Jae Nash

Behind the scenes, Jae has worked as the Promotions Director for WJZA 101.1 FM and the Community Relations Director at The Atlanta Voice Newspaper. Recently, she created the Girl Power Outreach program which aims to touch and inspire young girls around the world. As a girl advocate, Jae wants to extend her network and influence to make a difference in the lives of girls in disadvantaged communities, underdeveloped and developing countries.

Pre-sales for Jae Nash’s “Girl Power: Uncensored” will happen on June 7th and the book will be available on June 14th.

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