In recent news, the fastest – growing group of entrepreneurs in America happens to be African American women. Dr. Venus Opal Reese is not only among this percentage but she stands out as a millionaire. As a woman whose potency has not only made her a millionaire but also given her the tools to help others, Dr. Venus Opal Reese aims to help other African American women “monetize their mess”.

At just 16 years old, she recalls living on the “mean streets of Baltimore” when her ninth grade math instructor began investing in her. It was the love and time her educator devoted to her that spoke volumes in Dr. Venus’s life and later inspired her to do the same for others. After obtaining four degrees, self-publishing a groundbreaking novel, and becoming the CEO/creator to Defy Impossible, Dr. Venus Opal Reese’s name reigns true as The Black Woman Millionaire Mentor.

Her teachings begin from within, in other words, “if you want to know how you feel about yourself, check your bank account. And if you really want to know how much you value yourself, check your savings. Your money will tell you the truth about what you think you are worth every time.” Helping to decipher your situation and feelings, Dr. Venus Opal Reese uses the terms self-esteem money and self-worth money. Self-esteem money is what you accept and you think you deserve while self-worth money is what the market will pay for your distinct value. Once this is determined, there may be money “wounds” that must be healed along the way but you will on the road to becoming a millionaire.

In a candid account, Dr. Venus discusses her past money woes,

“I have been healing my money wounds for decades, but I will tell you this – it’s a path. Once you learn it and are on it, you start healing your way to millions. Let me tell you what I mean. Because of the history of slavery we have inherited, as black people in general but specifically black women, we have inherited a history of hurt. For example, as black women, our bodies have been monetized as the labor for the American dream and if you really comprehend what that means in terms of consciousness, in terms of spiritual wounds then you’ll understand that the wound doesn’t leave because emancipation happened. Healing is required.”


Recently, Dr. Venus Opal Reese has provided a life – altering training to help aid individuals in reaching their goals in her 10 city national tour. The Black Woman Millionaire Tour: Heal Your Way To Your 1st Million On Your OWN Terms. The course gives an in-depth insight on how to turn around both your businesses and lives. The class also allows you opportunity to network like a mogul, meet others that can help you move your business, begin your healing process, lastly, and remind you that your skills can be replaced but your essence cannot.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese is a bestselling author as well! Her book, The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible, was initially rejected by 30 publishing houses because they said, “there was no market for it”. When deciding to self-publishing, Dr. Venus’s novel sold out in less than four hours!

Part memoir, self-help, and business development, this book serves as a street-smart salve for women to heal their brokenness so they don’t have to spend their lives broke—regardless of income level. Edgy, instructional and inspirational, this book will teach you how to believe in yourself and what’s truly possible for your life.

Leaving us all with final words of wisdom, Dr. Venus’s final tip involves trusting your knowledge, experience, and pain in order to create principles and ideas for your financial freedom.

So, if you are ready to alternate your life, it can begin today!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible!

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