vivian green vivid

Bursting back on the scene with her top 10 hit on the R&B charts “Get Right Back to My Baby,” Vivian Green tells of her excitement behind the debut of her fifth album Vivid. Filled with vivacious rhythm and powerful vocal range, Vivid is far from the somber sounds that most have grown accustomed to hearing from Ms. Green.

“I just needed something different, honestly.  Kwamé, who produced the whole album, said that I needed a change as well,” Vivian says when asked about the new sound direction for her forthcoming album. “When I met him, he said,‘You know, you’re fun. You’re loud. You’re silly. You’re crazy and none of your music reflects that.’ I was like, I never thought about it like that.”

Vivid features the new single “Get Right Back to My Baby,” and the music video has already garnered over half a million views. Coupled with her new album release, Vivian Green has been keeping hush hush about plans to go on tour with the beloved R&B artist, Kem and as well as securing dates with music genius R. Kelly. Words like fun, empowering and sassy describes her album at best. Next on her to-do list, is the release of her next single “I’m Not Broken.” For her fans who have followed her career since the debut of “Emotional Rollercoaster” 12 years ago, Vivid is sure to electrify the hearts of those who have experienced the ups and downs of love.