Lately with all of the attention our black culture has been receiving lately, it’s clear that now is the time that we need each other more than ever. So, why not start with supporting businesses? Since most of our power relies in our dollars and where we choose to spend, it’ll benefit us the most to put it in our community. You’d be surprise with how many there are around you! With that being said, here’s a small list of a few black owned businesses around the U.S. and also some tips on how to find out about some in your area.

Black owned Banks

Black owned beauty supply stores

52 Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores You Should Know

Black owned restaurants

These are more so constructed by area, I’ve listed a few cities that you can check out

Black owned beauty brands

Black owned grocery stores

This list is just to help you get started. There are plenty more of black owned businesses around the world and it’s time that they received the proper recognition. You can find out about some around your area if you check websites such as Official Black Wall Street. There’s also an app called WhereU Came From that helps you locate black owned business in your area. Last but most importantly, if you know of anyone who has their own business or is in the startup of one – try to help or support them as much as you can. Hope this helps you out!

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