Before Beyoncé made her debut to veganism, wellness guru Tierra Burrell was teaching holistic lifestyle practices to transform the lives of her clients. Since its 2012 launch, her healthy lifestyle consultation company Tierra Goes Green (TGG), has inspired hundreds of people around the globe to adopt a holistic lifestyle that focus on the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional components of health.

Q1: What is the biggest misconception that you’ve noticed people have about food and health?

A: One of the biggest misconceptions that I have noticed is the idea that only your doctor can tell whether you are healthy or not and that their method is the only source for preventive care and healing.

When you live a life that food is your medicine, you are looked upon as “one of them,” a “hippy,” and we have seen people reduced and discredited in this way historically. I will continue to affirm that if you eat well, you live well.

Q2: What makes your program so unique?

A: TGG is unique because it’s a program that truly focuses on the total self. We work on mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person. Weight loss is cool but if we don’t shed the pounds of what clouds our mind, the weight will always, always comes back and it manifests itself in our stomach, in our thighs, in depression and so on.

Q3: What advice would you give to someone trying to begin their journey of better health?

A: My biggest advice is to slow your life down and make time for yourself to figure out what you really want and why.

[You should begin with] small changes, read, connect with like-minds, even if it’s on social media. In the beginning, switch up at least one meal, think about what you are drinking, how much junk food you are consuming.

Q4: You highlight how food is vital to mind, body and spirit, why is understanding this connection important?

A: If we understand the connection to the foods we eat, we can better identify why our bodies respond and feel a certain way. I believe the connection of the mind, body and the spirit is all about establishing peace, harmony and balance in our minds. When it is birth in our minds, we will find it in our lives. Our lives have to be a space for our harmony to exist.

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