Goodbye to the traditional days of shopping for hair products and hello to the latest and most innovative way of shopping for your hair needs. Meet Entrepreneurs, Best Friends and Beauty Pioneers: Chief Beauty Experience Officer Jamesha Jackson and Chief Glow Operator Destiny Thomas, Founders of Bronzed N Glow, Detroit’s first retail and beauty space that will deliver a modern twist and unparalleled experience for beauty shoppers today that the retail industry has never seen before. Bronzed N Glow will not be your traditional store; the beauty supply retail space offers an exquisite ambiance, fun experience, and tools to help discover what works best for your hair type and texture. Jackson and Thomas have partnered with local hair professionals and dermatologists to not only be implemented as a guide for shoppers, but bridge the gap between beauty, technology, and education, eliminating the challenges for consumers today when shopping for quality products for their hair and scalp needs. The brand will introduce the innovative concept and experience in their modern 1460 sq ft. retail space, featuring educational classes, a variety of quality products created by women and people of color and top-notch technology that administers an in-depth hair and scalp analysis and has the ability to measure hair and scalp parameters, hydration, and density, as well as recommend products in house. We had a moment to catch up with the two beauty innovators, who talked about everything from what inspired Bronzed N Glow, to what their future plans are for the brand and when their doors will officially open. Check out in this exclusive interview below!

photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

What inspired Bronzed N Glow?

Several things. We wanted to make an impact on the community, discuss the multiple statistics in beauty stores and we conducted an online focus group that revealed most women while shopping in a retail space, don’t receive guidance. Therefore, you’re purchasing a product based off what you’ve heard or a friend referral and ultimately you discover the product doesn’t work for your hair and you stop using it. As a result, you end up with tons of hair care products in your cabinet that are not even being used. “Most women don’t know or obtain the education components for healthy hair and scalp. Sometimes you need to seek a dermatologist or a hair professional to educate you on exactly what you’re hair needs in order to grow,” Jamesha states. Although we’ve been encouraged to begin an eCommerce, we wanted to master the retail experience first. It’s the solution to the daunting process of hair shopping. Our goal is to educate, guide the consumer, leverage the shopping experience by including a hair analyzer during the process to better help the consumer purchase the best products based off the results of their hair and scalp conditions. 

photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

What innovative ways are you continuing to do for the brand?

We have chosen to partner and collaborate with local dermatologist, beauty influencers and community leaders to help keep the business expanding and locals educated within the community. We also plan to expand in different cities. We want to eventually expand in skincare as well. We want to offer a full range of beauty; from hair to skincare and continue to grow our network internationally. Customers will be able to take online quizzes; this helps our in-store hair professionals make the best product suggestions and decisions based on your hair needs. It will also be an online forum that offers hair tips and discusses the best regimens for your hair.

photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

What are your future goals for Bronze N Glow? 

Create a modern space for our consumers while they’re shopping. There will be a lounge area in which wine and mimosas will be served to customers while they’re shopping for hair products or consulting with a professional about their hair and scalp needs. We not only want our customers to feel beautiful but confident with their purchase and have an unforgettable experience while shopping. We will also be providing the opportunity for up and coming hair care brands to have visibility and exposure on our shelves. We want to offer a broad range of different products for men, women, and kids with all hair types. Our goal is to create an environment where all women and everyone feels welcomed.

Ladies, I hope you’re as excited about this new beauty experience, as we are!

Bronzed N Glow’s grand opening will be mid-October along the historic Avenue of Fashion.

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Featured Image by Justin Millhouse | All images provided by The Bee Agency