It’s safe to say, we’re obsessed with Domonique Robinson and we know you will be too! Not only is her channel full of beautiful, colorful creations but Robinson has captured the eyes and hearts of everyone that crosses her channel. We got to know the woman in front of the camera to discuss everything from her beautiful baby girl to what it’s like juggling YouTube and motherhood.

You’re known for your vlogs on your YouTube channel but what can you tell us about yourself that your subscribers don’t know about you?

I think one think one thing that my subscribers wouldn’t know about me is that I’m actually kind of a shy, introvert person until I really get to know you. Sometimes, I’ve met subscribers in person and I’m just like, “Oh my gosh, what do I say”? So, I’m really shy in person but I love to stay at home and spend time with the family. I’m pretty sure they know that from my vlogs though. (laughs)

It’s no surprise your subscribers are OBSESSED with your precious baby girl, how would you describe working full time at home and being a mother?

It’s challenging at times but I love it because I’m really blessed with a great opportunity to do something I really love while staying home and taking care of my baby at the same time. I would say it’s kind of hard because I kind of suck at time management (laughs) but it’s something that I work on everyday. That’s the challenging part.

Do you mind telling us what your favorite part of being a mother is?

My favorite part is really just waking up to her every morning and being able to watch her learn and do new things. Just knowing that this is a little human that me and my husband created is really special to me.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide, can you tell us what product you cannot live without?

My brow bomb. I absolutely love my brow bomb that is from my cosmetics line that I started in 2016. I love it because I feel as if your eyebrows shape your face. If my eyebrows aren’t right then nothing else on my face is going to be right. If I’m not wearing makeup, I have to have my eyebrows done.

You work with a lot of fun, vibrant colors on your channel, what would you say are your favorite colors to work with?

Purple! I feel like purple really goes well with my skin complexion and makes my eyes pop. I just love the way purple looks on me.

What do you prefer, drugstore or high end makeup? Why?

Definitely drugstore. I’m all about saving money and I feel like you can always get a good look using drugstore products. One thing that I don’t get from the drugstore is eye shadow. I feel like I have to spend a little bit of extra money on my eye shadows.

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