Whether you’re a hairstylist, beauty guru, or entrepreneur this is a must-read to help you remain equipped for the modern day changes in today’s hair industry.

In this exclusive interview, celebrity hairstylist and beauty boutique owner, Nafisah Carter discusses bridging the gap between technology and hair, working with celebrities, different ways to market your brand as a hairstylist, and how the boom of social media has affected the hair industry. Yes, we’re talking all things about after you #Hair! So read on, as Carter gives advice for those in the hair industry, what steps she’s taking to improve her brand, and what we can expect from her in the future.

How has the hair industry changed since the boom of social media?

The hair industry has changed in several ways. In today’s social media landscape, you don’t have to be licensed to be a hairstylist anymore. However, the downfall is everyone doesn’t have the knowledge that a licensed hairstylist knows. But it gives everyone a chance to put yourself out there and make money.

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