People, the winter blues is a real thing! If the dreariness of these wintry gray months is affecting your day to day mood, don’t let it get you down, don’t be SAD, which is the acronym, by the way, for seasonal affective disorder. It’s only January, but spring is so close I can already feel it at times, those rare times, when the sun peaks out from behind the billow of cloud cover, warming my cold, Vitamin D deprived face. According to NIH (News in Health) researchers, the lack of light (and therefore Vitamin D) issue is a real problem and can be the catalyst for seasonal depression. Yet, this problem can be remedied by a number of things, including light therapy?

What the heck is light therapy? Exactly what it sounds like. You sit in front of an artificial light for thirty minutes. Sounds…boring? I mean who’s got time to sit in front of a light for thirty minutes, and really, don’t we do that anyway? In the office? At home? Unless for whatever reason, I’m doing everything in the dark, which probably would shine negatively on my production capabilities. (See what I did there?) But there are other options, options which are way more exciting than sitting next to a light.

According to Dr. Kelly Rohan, a specialist at the University of Vermont, it’s important to “…teach people new behaviors to engage in when they’re feeling depressed, to help them feel better,” and that a behavioral change, requires…well, of course, change!

So what changes could we make to get out of that winter blue mood?

Again, according to Dr. Rohan, this can be something as simple as “…having lunch with friends or going out for a walk,” and while these definitely seem like fun and worthwhile endeavors, maybe we need something with a little more pizzazz than a walk or lunch date (but still not to the pizzazz level of artificial light).

The most obvious, of course, is that you may need a winter vacation! Say a trip to sunny San Diego or how about Aruba! You’ll be sure to fill up on Vitamin D, ah yes, sunshine so beats snow! But then again, maybe a winter trip just isn’t possible. Maybe you just spent three weeks flying around for the holidays and new year. Maybe you’re holding out on using up your vacation days. Maybe a trip is just too expensive. It ain’t cheap flying to Aruba that’s for sure.

Okay, okay, so an out of the country or even across country trip might be too drastic of a change, and what happens when you get back? Does the seasonal depression return full gale? Alright, so let’s think practically. What can we change about our daily routines, which is exciting enough to push us through the winter blues?

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Anyways, remember that the winter season won’t last forever, even if it seems like it will. Make that change you know you want to! And please, if your wintry blues seem a little more serious than just a simple funk, make sure to contact a friend, doctor, or therapist.

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