Within just a few shorts moments of speaking with Hill Harper, you will start believing that absolutely anything is possible. His personality is contagious but serious. Serious about his mission in life, his work, and now the newest addition to his life – his handsome son. While on the set of his new show, The Good Doctor, award-winning actor and best selling author Hill Harper granted Sheen Magazine an exclusive interview and let us in on all that he has going on.

Starting from the beginning how did you get started in acting? How do you now handle being recognized everywhere you go?

Thank you for asking that. Being a celebrity is very humbling. It does come with great responsibility because it comes with influence. In college is where it all began with me. It’s where I fell in love with the craft. I started doing theater and the rest is pretty much history.

You started The Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, what was the purpose behind this organization?

Great question. I did it for several reasons. One, I wanted to serve communities that are not normally served, the underprivileged. Two, I wanted to empower young people to stay in school. I understand that education is the pathway to success. I come from a family that has a history and legacy of serving. So, I looked in the mirror and asked myself, what can I do to help with the resources that I have been fortunate to receive? The graduation rate is about 60%. In our program, it’s 90%.  And that in a nutshell is how it came about.

I see also that you have started a skincare line, Be The Architect, what prompted you to start it?

I wanted to offer an affordable, healthy alternative for skincare. A lot of these products that you see in these high-end retail stores are made very cheap, and then brought over and sold to us at very high prices. Not only are they very expensive, they are damaging to the skin and have other health risks associated with them. I wanted a product that makes the skin feel good and look great at an affordable price. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Congratulations on your new show, The Good Doctor. Was it hard stepping into the role of a doctor?

Actually, both of my grandfathers were physicians. In the show I play Marcus Andrews, Head of Surgery. It is scheduled to begin this fall on ABC.


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