What isn’t there to love about the extremely intelligent, witty, beautiful, and captivating Kenise Etwaru! She’s bringing all of her expertise and faith to the marketplace with no plans of stopping any time soon! Her unselfish love for people have compelled her to go after the hurt, broken, and sometimes overlooked. Read in as we get to know this powerhouse of a woman just a little bit better. She’s a breath of fresh air to all that meet her.

Who is Kenise is at her core?  

I am a mother, HR executive, worship minister, author, speaker, musician, and recording artist.  

Why are you so passionate about helping others?  

I was raised with the mindset to do unto others what you would want them to do unto you.  I feel we are placed on this earth to help others and not be selfish to only think of ourselves.  I also believe that everyone goes through different experiences in order to share with those around them. Before going to a high-end restaurant, people like to check out the “reviews.” They like to see what others have experienced at that restaurant. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in my experiences in hope that it will help to empower, shape and touch the lives of people around me.

Tell us about your businesses.

I have an executive coaching and HR consulting businesses where I work with companies in New York to build their HR departments or work on various projects.  I work with C-Suite executives in helping them with compensation studies and also how to market themselves when looking for a new opportunity.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years? Five years? 

In the next two years, I would like to be making my annual salary every month (laughs). I would like to be on the road doing speaking engagements, seminars, and having one on one coaching sessions, along with group coaching webinars. I would like to publish another book. In the next five years, I would like to work with other women in building an empowerment network for women ages 15 and up.

What’s next for Kenise personally? 

I would like to begin dating again.  It’s been seven years since my divorce and I think I’m ready for a relationship. I would like to find someone to join me on this journey called life.

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in business?

To be trustworthy. People entrust you with their money, time, etc. and in return, they trust me with their time, money, information, and more.

What advice would you give to a person whose business is not doing so great and wants to give up?

If the person is passionate about building their dream business, then the words “give up” is not apart of their vocabulary.  I would tell them that there are times when they will feel like nothing is happening, but you still have to keep pushing. Give them examples of people such as Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, etc. Push Until Something Happens (PUSH).

What do you believe it takes to have a successful business? 

Commitment, Drive, Patience and a support system.

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