Just because the weather changed, doesn’t mean you should forget the sunscreen!

The transition from fall to winter doesn’t mean your skin has to change and suffer. In fact, along with the arrival of cooler weather comes the benefit of less sweating, which can sometimes be a culprit for causing clogged pores and other skin conditions – especially when makeup is worn. However, keep in mind that winter also tends to bring some misconceptions when it comes to beauty routines. Just because it feels cooler outside, doesn’t mean the sun cant damage your skin. The sun is always emitting harmful UVA and UVB rays. The difference between UVA versus UVB rays comes down to the former penetrating into the thickest layer of the skin, referred to as the dermis. Damage from UVA rays comes in the form of premature skin, aging, and wrinkling, while UVB rays target the superficial layers of the skin and over time, unprotected exposure can cause skin cancer to develop.

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