Whether it’s skincare, hair care, or makeup, finding natural products that are safe to use and actually work, can be a challenge. There seems to be a never-ending list of ingredients with in-pronounceable names on each bottle, making the quest for great products harder than ever.

This is where Woman to Woman Naturals comes in. This product line offers natural products, developed without the harmful chemicals often found in other brands. We had the chance to sit down with Woman to Woman Naturals’ Founder, Elizabeth Anu Lawrence, to learn more about their natural products and what makes W2NATURALS stocking-worthy this Christmas. 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with W2NATURALS.

My name is Elizabeth Anu Lawrence, and I am the Founder and Creative Director of W2NATURALS. I am a proud mother to three amazing children, a wife, sister and supportive friend to my squad! In my quest to live a healthier lifestyle and be more conscious of food, skin and hair products that I was consuming, I started Woman To Woman Naturals. 

The brand was established in 2014 with the vision to partner with indigenous women in developing parts of the world by buying the highest-grade natural ingredients from them, and implementing them into the products. We want every woman using our products to know that she is empowering other women with every purchase made. 

What inspired you to create the brand? 

After suffering from unexplained enlarged nymph nodes, I had to become more intentional with my health and lifestyle. I eliminated many processed foods from my diet, and worked with an organic chemist to make soaps and hair products with minimal chemical content for my personal use. When I shared these products with friends and family, I received positive feedback and was encouraged to launch Woman To Woman Naturals. I am glad that we have the support of our w2natural tribe consumers that love, use and support the brand. I owe all our consumers a ton of appreciation. 

What makes your products different than others on the market? 

W2naturals is unapologetically NATURAL. Oils and herbs have been used for centuries, with measurable track records of efficacy that are still effective today. Before we launch a product, a lot of effort and resources are channeled into researching the benefits of each ingredient and its efficacy. It is important that each product works as intended to meet our high standards of using only naturally beneficial ingredients.

What is in the Queen Collection set? 

I am super excited about this Collection! It’s our triple hydration set because all three products, Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner are super-charged with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. The entire Queen Collection set is loaded with Shea Butter, which helps provide moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips. The Queen Collection Conditioner has Burdock Root Extract, which enhances hair growth, and Sunflower Seed Extract, and can be used as a Deep Conditioner.  The Queen Collection Leave In Conditioner fortifies hair and provides shine, hydration, and protection needed between washdays. The entire set is ideal for Black and Mixed Hair Types. 

What makes this a great option for the holiday season? 

The Queen Collection set would make a great gift for every woman, and man. Winter tends to dry out scalp and hair and this triple hydration set will definitely keep scalp and hair hydrated. The fragrances are a fusion of coconut, white jasmine, and sheer vanilla.

For the winter months, the Queen collection set would provide much needed hydration for hair and scalp to everyone from dad, mom, aunt, uncle and even the kids. 

If people had to choose one product from your brand for the winter months, what would you suggest? 

Absolutely without a doubt the Queen Collection Set, which includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave In Conditioner. 

Where can we find your products? 

All our products can be found online, on Amazon, and on Amazon UK. Please visit our website for a list of stores that carry our products.