It’s Women’s History Month and it’s the perfect time to celebrate femaleprenuers in all aspects of beauty that are moving and shaking up the industry.

First up is Fortify’d Naturals hair care brand owner Tracy Golbourne. The New York City native of Brooklyn is now changing the hair game one strand at a time with her all natural hair care brand that is certified vegan, and nontoxic.

With ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil, Golbourne has earned a devout following on social media of hair care enthusiasts who vouch for her products. Her secret is simple: create products that improve the quality of hair on a molecular level

“Most of the ingredient in some of the products being used have no ability (on a molecular level) to penetrate the hair strand. What’s happening is that the product is softening the outer layer of the strand which results in having dry hair within days. These ingredients are also adhering to the outer layer of the strand keeping any ingredients from adequately penetrating the strand,” she said.

In honor of the month, Sheen caught up with Golbourne to bring the next generation of female entrepreneurs gems on how she started her brand.

Learn how to pull from your pain
It’s not about where you come from, it’s where you are trying to go! Our past serves a purpose, but it doesn’t define our future if we don’t let it. Growing up in a challenging environment with violence and drugs, Golbourne never knew stability as a child. Rather than let it hinder her, she decided to use her experience as fuel to create a life she knew she deserved.

“My upbringing was a difficult one. I was raised in a very poor neighborhood overflowing with drugs and violence. We didn’t have much and even though we didn’t realize it as small children, watching my mother be stressed and agitated all the time let us know that something was wrong even if we didn’t understand what it was. There was never much consistency in my life growing up; not even with friends because most of them lived in group homes and were moved around a lot or maybe some of them would be killed due to gun violence.”

Listen to the quiet voice within you, it’s always right
Your vision is your own and you don’t need anyone else to validate it, but yourself. Too often dreams are locked in the minds of those looking for someone other than themselves to sign off on their worthiness. Golbourne says, “Avoid worrying about what others are thinking. If you feel strongly about something, do it. If it doesn’t work, so what! Failure is a part of success.”

Your purpose lies within your passion
You can follow a high paying career and be miserable, or you could stop and take the time to understand what brings you the most joy, and do that! Though, it may not be that simple, starting from that perspective, according to Golbourne is a great way to start a business that you actually care about.

She did not initially anticipate becoming an owner of FN, but followed the path life took her own, which was the best decision she could have made.

“The decision to start my own business almost didn’t even seem like it was my own decision but more based upon a series of events that pushed me in that direction. I decided to leave the world of finance because I began feeling that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose in life, which led me to pursue nursing. I used the knowledge I gained from my studies at the time to understand the interaction of the ingredients with the hair strand and was able to create my line of products using vegan ingredients that are safe and natural.”

Whether you’re the founder of an amazing hair care line or not, these life lessons are applicable to any entrepreneur journey.  Like Goulbourne, you can choose to create her own lane!

Featured Image by Collette Bonaparte-Ashman