Wrekless Apparel has quickly made a name for itself in a short amount of time. The brand, which is only two years old began when Ariel Douglas wanted to offer fashionable, affordable clothes for individuals to find their confidence. In this exclusive interview with Douglas, the young founder gives insight into her brand and discusses the goals she’s set for Wrekless Apparel.

Tell our readers about yourself. How did you get into the fashion world?

My name is Ariel Douglas. I was born and raised in Columbia, SC and I am 24-years-old. I was working for multiple clothing companies for almost eight years before I started my own clothing line in November of 2017.

What inspired you to create your brand and where does the name Wrekless come from?

As mentioned before, I was working for multiple retail companies for a while. With plenty of experience, I feel like I accumulated the proper knowledge and skills to branch off and do my own thing. Coming up with a brand name came pretty easy to me. “WREKLESS” means the act of unapologetic self-assurance; a state of being unrestricted; unmatched character.

Do you believe being in this industry has taught you anything about yourself?

Being a part of this industry has taught me the importance of patience, determination, and dedication. You have to be built for it mentally and physically.

Do you mind sharing your journey to get to where you are today?

After quitting my job and taking a leap of faith, I decided to start my own clothing line. After doing my research and coming up with a name, I went to the local Secretary of State office to apply for a business license and trademarking. Once I became completely registered, I began my search for legitimate vendors. Originally, Wrekless Apparel started out as a women’s boutique selling club and casual wear but later transitioned to a custom urban clothing line. We have achieved a lot in one year and we will continue up the ladder. We have our grand opening rising this April. You can follow us on Instagram (@shopwreklessapparel) (@events.wreklessapparel) for more updates.                 

Tell us about Wrekless Mini Tour that has been taking place. What can people expect?

Wrekless Apparel is currently on its first mini east coast tour. We are visiting 12 states (1 per month) to get everyone familiar with the brand and network with other entrepreneurs as well. In January, we took a trip to New York to visit the Garment District and network with other businesses. In February, we took a trip to North Carolina to participate in an All-star Weekend urban fashion show. This month, we will be in Georgia. We do team scavenger hunts and leave our mark wherever we go. Footwork is an important key when networking.

You’ve accomplished so much thus far, what is next on your list of goals?

Thank you. My next goal is to start another business. I’m working on expanding my brand. As anxious as I am to speak on it, some things are best kept a secret until take off time. I’m a firm believer in letting my success speak for itself.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your brand in the years to come?

I want to go GLOBAL! No, INTERNATIONAL! I hope to be bigger than Nike someday. I’m just a small-town girl with big dreams and I do know anything is possible.          

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