It’s a few days before the start of the school year for the most part, and the number one artist in the city, maybe even the state, is Yella Beezy. On Friday, August 16th, Yella Beezy threw a celebrity basketball game, along with a giveaway of free school supplies. Walking into the recreation center, you could feel the excitement and noise of the crowd waiting for a good time. He surely did not disappoint. The smell of pencils, notebooks, and fresh backpacks were in the air.

In attendance and participating in the basketball game, were some household names that the kids would know – to name a few artists playing, Trap Boy Freddy, Hoodboy Neiman, comedian/rapper Bodega, and creative media persona Annie Devine. It was a close match the entire game. When each ball went through the hoop, the crowd couldn’t contain themselves. Yella made it out the battle with 14 points. I might add, he wasn’t too bad of a player!

Yella was the MVP of the game, and most importantly, he scored high with the kids in need of neighborhood support. Let’s also thank the volunteers who gave their precious time to support the cause. There were many awesome gifts that the kids took home. It was Christmas in August! There are so many kids in need around the country that it makes your heart melt when someone of Yella’s stature gives back to the community. In the city of Dallas, Oak Cliff is an up and coming community with kids that are going to be successful as long as we continue to support their ambitions.

You have to agree, that when you think of Dallas, you think of big buildings, oil, Dallas Cowboys, and in due time, you might be able to Yella Beezy to that list. So coming from someone who has been in the city for quite some time, we definitely need someone to come in and put the city on the map without having to throw a touchdown. Let’s keep sending good vibes to Yella Beezy, and remember that giving back to where you came from is the highest form of success. This annual charity game will continue to grow and grow as the years go by. I can’t wait to see where Yella can take it!

Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Yella Breezy/ Images by Yella Beezy’s photographer