Dr. Marsie Ross has done it again! She’s strapped up her boots and is on a global mission to help young girls and women live happy and healthy lives! She’s teamed up with other phenomenal women in her new anthology, Thrive Girl Thrive, to help bring light to this dark generation. “You can truly live a happy, healthy, and thriving life,” says Dr.Marsie Ross!

Mental, emotional and spiritual heartbreak can be immobilizing and can even send us into a tailspin. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like or who you love. Before you know it, you’re living in “survival mode” simply trying to get through another day. As women, we are taught to shove our pain and burdens down to hide them from prying eyes and even from ourselves. It’s lonely to feel you are the only woman with humble and tattered beginnings. You can feel alone in your fear and shame. The brave women in this book know what it’s like to feel scared, unwanted, unloved, overwhelmed, abused and downright lost. Until they said ENOUGH! They’ve discovered how to not simply survive but to live to thrive. This book is designed to help you release the shackles that hold you back from experiencing a full life. This is your time to Thrive Girl, Thrive! (Source: Synopsis of book)

Dr. Marsie Ross is the visionary author of this amazing project! She leads her life to empower and educate women to take charge of their health & happiness. She works with women who are ready to get to the good part of healthy living so they can lead effectively, sustain quality relationships, and live with authentic confidence. And as a mother, wife, and CEO, Dr. Marsie knows first-hand the uphill battles women face with sustaining positive body images and maintaining good mental and emotional health. Dr. Marsie has many accolades and achievements under her belt. She is a best-selling author and international speaker, Doctor of Pharmacy and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Dr. Marsie is known as the “Self-Care Crusader.” She is on a mission to build an army of self-care crusaders who embrace self-care without guilt or apology! Join in the movement and become happy and healthy!

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All images by Jackie Hicks