Jayla Koriyan is a YouTube sensation with over 210,000 subscribers, and 82,300 Instagram followers. This “glamaholic” is taking the world by storm with her videos that feature makeup tutorials, fashion, and even a look into her personal life. While maintaining her outstanding YouTube channels, the 21-year-old is also a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City to pursue her dreams of working in the fashion industry. As a young woman, Koriyan is determined to show that anything is possible.

SHEEN Magazine received the chance to speak with the busy Jayla Koriyan about her YouTube channels and her future plans.

What inspired you to start your own YouTube channel?

I started back when I was in high school; I was about 13. I’m originally from North Carolina and there’s not much to do in that area so I found girls on the Internet making videos. At that point in time, I was thinking,‘oh my gosh I can do this too!’ It was more like something that was fun to do. I was really inspired by other people, and I wanted to put my own spin on it.

When you first started vlogging and letting your followers see you on Snapchat, were you comfortable with letting everyone in your personal life?

I guess because I built up to where I am now, it made it easier. If I were to jump into it with a clean slate, it would be a little weird. I think I got personal more when I started college, and I dabbled a little here and there. I would show my personality and discuss different topics, so after a while it just came easy for me.

How do you feel to know that you reach so many young women who can relate to you?

It feels amazing. Honestly, I’ll get messages from girls who say, ‘oh I never thought about going to college until I watched your videos.’ Seriously, when I see stuff like that I think, ‘who would’ve thought that little ol’ me would inspire someone to go to college?’

image1What lessons have you learned since attending FIT in New York City?

Time management! It’s just so much to do here and coming from somewhere where there is not much to do is different. I want to do it all, but I can’t. It can be overwhelming, but I just try to write down everything that I need to do for the day.

What are the top 5 products you cannot go without?

Right now, my Nars All Day Luminous is my everyday go-to. All of the products have something to do with makeup because I can’t go without that (laughing). A smell that I really love is Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret. I used to like it way back in the day when I was 15, but I fell back in love with it! Shoes wise, I love a black bootie. My favorite right now is the kind that comes right to the ankle, and I would wear them everyday, but that would be weird. The last thing would be a nude lipstick, just can’t go without a nude lipstick.

Do you have any go-to beauty tips for our readers?

I would say practice makes perfect! When I first started, my makeup was not on point at all, but I kept practicing that wing and got it! I would keep practicing how to highlight and contour, and finally it didn’t look a mess. ELF cosmetics has really affordable makeup, that is a dollar or three dollars, that girls can go out and buy.

What are your top 5 tips to looking flawless everyday?

Tip one would be having a good cleanser and moisturizer as a canvas for your makeup. Without that, your makeup will not go on flawless. Tip two would be edge control to have your edges laid. Tip three… this is actually difficult (laughs). My go-to hairstyle is curls, but since it is so cold outside it is hard to maintain that. But I love flexi rods for a quick go-to hairstyle. Number four would be to have a nice signature fragrance, one that will make you feel confident! The last tip would be the have a good outfit!

What are your future goals with your channel?

With my beauty channel, I would love to work with more brands such as Maybelline. For my vlogging channel, I would like to travel more to give more content. I know my viewers would love that. Possibly a “Traveling with Jayla,” getting out of the country and exploring the world more.

Do you have any words of advice for our readers?

I’m 21 and a dual major, fashion merchandising and advertising marketing communications. I have my own blogs and my own apparel line. I also plan on going on a college tour soon to visit different colleges. I thought it would be perfect, since I’m a college student, to go visit other colleges. I have received over 700 comments of people saying, ‘come to this college or come to [that] college!’ Everyone has his or her own dreams and goals, and everyone has the same 24 hours. You can do it. A lot of young people feel they are too young, and can’t do it. I say just go for it.

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